This is…odd, to put it mildly…

Two Russian oligarchs, their wives, and their children were found dead just a day apart, prompting police investigations into whether the incidents were suicides or a result of foul play.

Full article, HERE from the Washington Examiner.

I’d think there is a ‘backstory’ there somewhere, this is just a ‘bit’ too ‘convenient’ for lack of a better term.

It’s a question of who knew what, and when. Putin is already lashing out at FSB and the generals, is this the ‘next’ step? Taking out those who might be a threat to him? The sad part is the wives/children are also dead.

What did they do/know? Or was this plainly vindictive/a lesson to ‘encourage’ others?


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  1. When a man causes you a problem, remember, no more man, no more problem.

  2. Yea, there’s a back story here, Don’t fuck with Putin.

  3. You should purge those thoughts from your mind and remember, always clap loudly and enthusiastically.

    BTW, the Malta book looks good.

  4. Putin is a Chekist through and through. Dzerzhinsky and Beria are clearly his role models.

    • Oh, yeah. The wives and children have to go so that there are no heirs to the oligarchs’ estates. Not that a Chekist would have any hesitation on confiscating said estates whether or not heirs still live, but it’s just so much cleaner when there’s no one left.

  5. Yeah, streiff at Red State has a couple artciles.

    One on the oligarch deaths.

    One on the /three/ fires.

    There is possibility or two that the fires aren’t Russian internal politics.

  6. I’d put hard money on it that the oligarch’s neck was broken *before* he hanged himself.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    I’m pretty sure that Putin was behind it and he contracted people that the Clinton use to make sure that it looked like an “Accident”, and to make sure the family is involved is to ensure that there is no “vengeance and reprisals” down the road. A final solution to a pesky problem.

  8. Vlad is a good KGB lad. Terror works. The wife and kids is just letting others know just how high the price will be. Thing is others might not be sure if they will be next and launch a first strike. Sometimes the mad dog just needs to be put down.