Oh damn…

This truly sucks…

The Boeing 737 was on a flight from Kunming to Guangzhou when it suddenly went into a steep dive and crashed into a mountainous area in Guangxi, China. All 123 passengers and nine crew members were killed.

The Chinese counterpart to the National Transportation Safety Board, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, did not see any mechanical problems causing the crash, and neither did the NTSB. There were other indications that led American investigators to the conclusion that the plane was deliberately crashed.

Full article, HERE.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time this happens. Prayers for those families dealing with their losses.

I just don’t have the words to express my hatred for people that willingly kill others this way…


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  1. Yeah, that pisses me off, too. There’s no reason to take other people with you.

  2. There was a thought that someone made it into the cockpit and caused the crash. I don’t know if the voice recording black box was recovered or not, but that could clear things up.

  3. Expect more of this in Communist China as their economy tanks and the regime gets even more repressive. There are lots of people with nothing to lose and a hidden hatred that burns like the core of the sun for the ChiCom government.

  4. Pilot must have got his “social credit rating” results and decided he had nothing to live for.

  5. There’s been some speculation that the pilot wasn’t properly trained. Positions like that can wind up being filled by people who have ‘pull’ rather than skills or qualifications.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments. Toast- That IS an issue in a number of countries. The Ethiopian crash the co-pilot had 200+ hours TOTAL flight time. Not 200 in type, but TOTAL!!! sigh… My rule overseas, especially in the middle east/Med was if there wasn’t one Caucasian in the cockpit when I boarded, I got off.

    • MH370. We’ll never know for sure but there’s lots of reasons to think that’s what happened.

  7. Ed- Egypt Air…

    PH- Maybe…

    Heath- Yeah, that one’s been buried pretty deep for many years.

  8. If it was deliberate, it most likely was a pilot/crewmember. Remember, that armored cockpit door on all airliners is designed to keep people from entering in flight. You can’t stop the crew from crashing the plane. If it didn’t lock, you might have time to stop it when you feel the nose drop when it shouldn’t, but now? You and the others are toast. I suspect we were safer with the old style doors. How many planes have been lost, with how many occupants since the door change?

    • Yeah, but without the armored door, you run the risk of some jihadist deciding he wants a nice big pile of bodies to sacrifice to Allah.

      That doesn’t even cover conventional air hijacks, either.

      • No, the jihadi problem went away after 9/11. Once the public became aware that letting someone/group grab the cockpit was a death sentence, the passengers WILL storm the cockpit. Remember Flt 93?
        The problem is that if the door is armored, you eliminate the possibility of the passengers/crewmembers being able to recover the cockpit. Frankly, the door should be REMOVED TOTALLY. Cockpit doors should be BANNED. That door is simply an impediment to regaining control of the aircraft. In fact, high altitude death dives would most likely disappear with the cockpit visible to all. It won’t stop the approach altitude deliberate crashes, but they tend to be more survivable anyway.

        • Conventional hijacks should always be treated the same as jihadi attacks. There is no way to tell what the intentions are, so storm them and kill them immediately is the only proper response.

  9. Have you all forgotten the Germanwings crash back in 2015? Co-pilot locked the door while the pilot was in the cabin, and dove into an Alpine mountain. The pilot had no way to open the door from the cabin side. 150 dead.