I ‘know’ California is strange, but…

This bill, commencing January 1, 2027, would require the bureau to license and regulate reduction facilities, as defined, and would enact requirements applicable to reduction facilities substantially similar to those applicable to crematoria and hydrolysis facilities and would enact provisions relating to the disposition of reduced human remains by integration into the soil.

Full article, HERE.

Um… composting grandma/grandpa is ‘good’ for the environment???

I’m sorry, but I just can’t wrap my head around that.

When they say, “Only in California,” they really aren’t kidding!

Your thoughts?


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  1. Follow the money.

    Let’s all be honest here. Regardless of your theological bent, when you’re dead, your body is kind of extraneous. I’d want a modicum of respect, sure, but ultimately it’s no longer my problem.

    But my guess is, this is a payoff for somebody in Sacramento’s good graces.

  2. I can sum up everything in California in one word, insanity! The crazies are running the show out there. Too much cocaine and other drugs have fried their brains.

  3. Robert Heinlein. The Moon is a harsh mistress. All moonies were composted. But they had a valid reason. Californicators don’t have a valid reason.

  4. I mentioned this to a friend from WA last night and he said they are already doing this. Old news to him.

  5. A short step to the ultimate recycling, making food from them. Let us never forget, Soylent Green is people.

  6. There is a private forest in California that offers the chance to be buried next to a redwood or other tree in the forest. The body nurtures the tree, and you may visit the forest and your loved one’s tree at any time. Similar to the composting idea, but more appealing.

  7. So? Makes sense to me. Do it Old Europe style. Bury bones for 100 years and then collect and put in a crypt or ossuary or just grind them up.

    Dead is dead. The fascination over dead body worship that we show in the USA is just kind of creepy.

  8. All- Interesting takes, thanks! Beans- We got it from our European ancestors… Go visit the Vatican for a good example!

  9. C’mon everybody! Let’s have some fun!
    You only live once and when you’re dead you’re done

    I plan to be cremated and, preferably, have my ashes taken out to sea in a sailboat and scattered by an exotic dancer – in professional costume, as it ’twere. Failing that, cremate my remains and scatter me where I’ll be sure to piss people off.

    Now, failing that, just incinerate one less Islamic Jihadist and toss me on top of the pile. Believe me, I’ll be fine.

    The State government in California is comprised of intellectually challenged simians who have limited forking in their family trees and are said to be housing patient zero of the mentally disturbed. In layman’s terms, no one reading this is going to recognize the color of the sky in their world. This latest mind-bender confirms this fact – again.

    I’d continue rambling but Officer Friendly just past my house with the hammer down and pulled a four wheel drift at the corner. I’m hunkering down until I get the all-clear.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    They say what California does, so will the rest of the nation…..eventually… it is possible the squirrelness gets to our own state.

  11. MJ- In costume… before or after the dance ‘costume’???

    Ed- Good question!

    Bob- Possible…sigh

  12. Have you read “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”?
    Everything got recycled but the family went into a separate hydroponics tunnel that grew only flowers.

  13. From a purely scientific point of view it’s a rational use of resources. Problem is the morons running Kali aren’t rational and
    have zero understanding of science. The REAL point behind this is to DEHUMANIZE our bodies after death. The end goal is to DEHUMANIZE our bodies while we are alive. Once we have been dehumanized it’s a helluva lot easier to get people to go along with mass murder.

  14. I’m in favor of it. Makes way more sense than traditional embalming and burial. And considering the fuel consumption of cremation, it makes more sense than that, too. Save the fuel to heat someone’s home this winter and compost my remains. Scatter the dirt in a National park. When I’m gone, I’m gone, the body was just incidental.