Maybe there IS a significant ‘cheating underbelly’ at the highest levels of ‘professional’ chess…

U.S. chess grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann, the target of cheating allegations at the highest level of the game, has made a counter-move against his accusers, filing a $100 million-plus lawsuit accusing world champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway, top U.S. grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura and one of the biggest online chess-playing services of “colluding to blacklist” him from competing.

Full article HERE from the Washington Times.

Looks like there will be some ‘interesting’ depositions before this one is all over. I wonder if this will ever even make it to trial, too!

Chess is one of those ‘odd’ sports that has pretty much had cheating in one form or another since game two… Link HERE.


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  1. Niemann (age 19) has already admitted to cheating multiple times. Most of this occurs during online games, where you’re supposed to be playing fair and not using any books, references, or other chess programs to play.

  2. Also, it was the specifics as to HOW he was cheating that caught my attention. Apparently the contention is that his mechanism for cheating was novel in that it consisted of an anally-placed vibrator.

  3. Let him play, but on condition he submits to an unannounced whole-body CT scan at any time during play.

    If he refuses the scan or any foreign objects are detected he is banned for life.

    Your move, wise guy.

  4. Why wait until “next time”?

    When the “proof” was statistical inference, they were on soft ground. As soon as they have proof of a device shoved up his communication port, there is proof that he is a cheat. Don’t assume that you will be able to catch his next scheme. “Banned for Life”.

    It isn’t like the gizmo is a medical device like a pacemaker. It is chess. The twerp should have planned his next move when his “happy buzzer” was discovered. Ban the pervert for life.

  5. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised.
    The lack of ethics and morals these days mean that people will do anything to win.
    Another example is the motors that have been found in racing bicycles; there are more easily found…