Buoys and Gulls…

Welp, after five years of Saturday suppers, things have kinda settled into a pattern…

Other than the number of folks that show up, which varies between ten and twenty-three (that was the most we ever had)…

The menu varies week to week, depending on who’s cooking, so we get everything from fancy to pizza. Last night was chili, courtesy of Ian.

But the one thing that has settled into a pattern, is the table split. The girls have abandoned us and taken over the small table. And we’re not invited… LOL

Of course this leads to wildly divergent conversations over supper, while the girls are discussing various girl things, we usually talk about the doofus of the day/week or some other case/happening that caught our attention. Last night we varied between the kid that ran over the baby and mother with the car who got months in LA being gunned down by ‘unknown’ persons, Darwins, to guns, cars, and, and… LOL

When we move back into the kitchen/den for dessert is when the conversations really get nuts, as two or three different conversations may be going simultaneously, or everybody jumps on ONE conversation. Last night it was writers, publishers, bands, shows, and discussions of various artists doing strange things, and cars, and more guns, with pretty much everybody chiming in.

As usual, there were chapters of WIPs exchanged, commented on, and edits made. This is one of the best things, as far as I’m concerned, because the feedback is honest, pointed, and sometimes pretty funny. To whit, “What in the hell were you trying to do here? Oh really? Well, you missed by a mile. Did you think about…” Or, “Well, maybe YOU knew what you meant but I don’t…”



Buoys and Gulls… — 15 Comments

  1. The kid, as well as his mom, didn’t die! Only slightly injured. The perp however is D.E.D.!

  2. Sorry I missed it. The damn post office keeps losing my invitation. Maybe next Friday. But don’t let that stop you from a good time if I can’t make it.

  3. Some day I will be in Texas visiting family, and will wrangle an invitation…

  4. Glenn- My bad, I thought the baby did. Thanks!

    Bill/CP/SLee- Y’all are always welcome!

  5. It’s always a good time, to relax and visit and eat good food. I love that I get to cook for y’all sometimes, too!

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    One day i will be there on Sunday, Lol. I think the “Kid” from L.A. had pissed off more one person,by multiple transgressions and someone got tired of him “skating” and decided that a more permanent solution was in order.

  7. If the commute wasn’t such a challenge . . . Hey, I ended up at the gents’ table last time. (And remembered NOT to grab the smoked habanero off the Wheel Of Sauces. I need more time for the memory of that to wear off before I try it again.)

    Concur on the rambling, wandering conversations.

  8. kid that ran over the baby and mother with the car who got months in LA being gunned down by ‘unknown’ persons,

    That was a good ending..
    Hey,coulda been Totally random.. Maybe he needed dead for other reasons.. But I’d rather it be an uncle from outta town,, taking care of bidniss..

  9. So nice that you folks get together like that – it sounds fun!

  10. “Girl things”….no, we just don’t want to perseverate on the evils of the world while in good company. And the big table chairs are TOO TALL for us short wimmins….;) You can come join us any time, Jim. But I recall when you did, the topic of conversation was a bit…too bawdy, and you ran for the big table. 🙂