One to think about…

Maybe they never thought about it, but those who are now grandmothers wore super short mini skirts, tight pants, high boots and many did not even wear a bra.

They listened to Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

They drove Mini Cooper and powerful motorcycles.

They smoked, drank gin and tonic, whiskey and who knows what else.

They went to music festivals, in the mud, that lasted 3 days, and maybe they even danced naked in the crowd.

They lived very long hours, because they did not have internet, or smartphones, or social networks, and they did not care much about television.

They got home at four in the morning and went to work that morning.

Learn this: You will never be as cool as your grandmothers were.

Someone had to say this.



One to think about… — 20 Comments

  1. Ah yes…..I remember the short short skirts, the low rise bell bottoms, the tube tops. The late 60’s and early 70’s was a wonderful time for a young male.

  2. Met one of those ladies at a Ren Faire a couple of years ago—wearing a crocheted top. Her granddaughter learned a lot about her Nana that day as she told us some of her stories.

  3. Eh. I will point out that the same grandmothers who did all that shit also were in the first or second generation of the mass expansion of women getting pregnant, not only without being married, but without knowing who the father was at all. Also in the leading generations of “all men are scum.” Sorry, but the cultural bowel movements of the 60s and 70s can eat my entire ass.

  4. That’s a fact, Jack. I think the same thing when I see an old man (older than me) and wonder what he looked like in WWII pictures.

  5. Hot pants and halter tops.

    Yes that still brings a smile to my face.

  6. Which was more under-powered and cramped: the Cooper Mini or the VW Beetle? At least the Bug was available in the USA.

    I bought a Mini in Germany back in ’99. I got rid of it because our infant car seat wouldn’t fit in the back.

  7. Things change? Those grannies were rebelling against the older generation. Now their grand kids are rebelling against the older generation.

    Not to say this old geezer wasn’t an enthusiastic volunteer for the sexual revolution.

  8. *grins* My grandmother worked in an aircraft factory, then after the war, married an exotic foreigner who’d won WWII but lost his family blacksmith shop to socialism (the government took the land for “council housing”), and with an infant and one on the way moved thousands of miles more to raise her family in a tropical rain forest on the edge of the Caribbean, through at least 10 revolutions, while occasionally crewing a racing yacht. That was just the start of her adventures…

    I aspire to be as cool as her. I may not make it, but I can aspire!

  9. I used to say this when I was in the church choir! I was always lobbying to bring the music out of the Middle ages. TPTB always said “The old folks won’t like it.” To which I said “THOSE OLD FOLKS WENT TO WOODSTOCK!!!”

  10. Like the picture of some nameless grunt, wearing no shirt, an open flak jacket a steel pot, with belts of 300 linked rounds of 7.62 draped around his shoulders, and carrying an M-60 Pig MG through jungles and rice paddies in ‘Nam, captioned “That white-haired 75 year old in the park is more of a bad-ass than you will ever be.”

  11. Next gen after…but some of my history would turn all of you plaid if I talked about it. 🙂

  12. I wore the hot pants and halter tops — still do around the house, where I won’t frighten the wimps. Never smoked anything — thought it all stank too much. Played and performed hard rock, among other music genres, but to this day love 30s/40s swing more. Jumped out of perfectly good airplanes a couple times in college. Rode a horse up/down a steep cliff during a musical performance, while hauling a big ol’ Texas flag. Rappelled off buildings and cliffs long before bungee jumping was a thing; same for ziplining, when only the military did it.

    Wore the “Been there, done that” tee shirt decades before today’s folks were born. I’m nobody’s grandma, but I am the crazy great aunt they like to hang with…

    • And I still have that heavy motorcycle… But no bug or Mini for me — I drove and still drive a pickup.