Too funny…

When you lose the ‘Dead Heads’…

Someone should tell Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) that maybe he’s gone a bit too far with the taxes and his big ideas for big government. Or, as the Grateful Dead might have said, “Gavin Newsom, you better watch your speed.” Because once you’ve lost the confidence of the bong-hit set, you’re pretty much done in California. Or would that be baked?

Full article, HERE at PJ Media.

It’s no secret anywhere that the ‘costs’ of being legal growers is pricing them out of the market. The prevalence of illegal growers isn’t going away, and in many places is actually growing faster than the legal growers. To whit, the numerous cartel grower busts down outside LA and in the Central Valley (where they can find water).

The same is holding true in Colorado, especially Colorado Springs (according to friends). The number of homeless, drug addicted is growing and they are all going to illegal pot which is being ‘delivered’ on street corners, etc.

And the legal growers and dispensaries are still having problems with what to do with the cash, since it’s still a Federal crime, so they can’t just go to the bank and deposit their money…



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  1. What to do with $$$ you can’t deposit ? Invest in tangibles you KNOW you will need, regardless of the status of the economy. Operating with ‘permission from the state’ is risky. The permission can always be rescinded later and the profits made are subject to ‘illegally gained’ and confiscated.

    The Biden administration seems hell bent on using resources to expand the tax base, spreading misery far and wide. Far too many are dependent on credit and ATM cards for daily needs.

  2. Recreational marijuana is not legal in Colorado Springs. It’s a ‘dry’ city in the middle of a wet county.

  3. “Invest in tangibles you KNOW you will need, regardless of the status of the economy.”
    Like guns ‘n ammo? Guns ‘n pot. Hmm.
    Zevon’s “Send Lawyers guns and money” seems like likely pot shop background music.
    I don’t have an actual point-just waiting for my drug of choice to kick in. Coffee, come to me!

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    “Shadenfreude”….I think that almost covers it….They are caught between a rock and a hard spot, between the cartel and the government…and both will take their stuff.

  5. A realtor I was working with a few years back told me about his friend’s plight – he was selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of legal weed, but he couldn’t put it in the bank because of the feds.

    So here’s what I told him to do:
    Go to Las Vegas. Turn all the money into chips. Play a game or two – best to use one with close to even odds like that guy laundering money for the taliban was before they decided to off him in his hotel.
    Then cash out all the chips and report all of the money as gambling winnings. It’s how the terrorists, the cartels, and the rest all launder their money. It’s why Vegas exists.

    • But then the Feds will get you for laundering money. Seriously.

      • Only if you tell ’em.
        Look, growing pot is still a federal offense. They may or may not get you. It’s not a biggie.
        Same for laundering money – they really don’t care all that much.

        But not paying your taxes? Oh the IRS will come after you for a $100!!! Remember, kill, maim, murder, rape, rob all you want, but even Al Capone learned: If you don’t pay your taxes the IRS WILL take you down!

      • The money supply is so dirty it could use some laundering. 🙂

  6. jrg- Good point!

    MC- Maybe so, but there is open dealing on the streets…

    Robert- Snort… agreed!

    RHT- Yep, cartels do what they know works.

    Bob- True!

    John/Beans- Both true!

  7. In Colorado the money is recycled by purchasing items for cash (vehicles, farm machinery, heavy equipment, etc) and then selling the items at auction.

  8. A few years ago I was having some difficulty in locating used food grade plastic barrels/drums.
    I have a SIL who does business in Mendocino County.
    He told me the drums were readily available at all the hardware stores in his area.
    The growers fill them with cash and bury them.

  9. It begins in Missouri tomorrow afternoon, 2/3/23. We have medical cannabis for a while, but this is going to be something new for us to deal with.

  10. O, if only someone had told the “Let’s legalize this crap” folks that this is exactly what would happen…

    Hey, wait, we told them. And told them. And told them.

    Meanwhile both illicit drug use and ODs from everything are up about 1000% over pre-legalization days.

    “Really? You’re going to put the cartels out of business? The Enemy ALWAYS gets a vote.
    Tell the class how it’s working out for CA and CO.”