This is some VERY useful info for my Veteran Friends! Active duty listen up as well.
VA ER authorization phone number 1-844-724-7842
Call that number within 72 hours of your visit.
VA Urgent Care 1-800-698-2411
Call that number before you go and ensure the urgent care facility knows you are using the mission act.
This is a 4 minute video on Urgent Care and the requirements.

And the link to the VA Community Care page is HERE.

I’ve used it twice in the last two years, once for the WuFlu, and once for a cyst after the VA couldn’t get me in for over a month. It works, as long as you follow the procedures.

As many bases no longer have ERs on base, there is a similar procedure for them to use the same care.


PSA!!! — 3 Comments

  1. Just used this, the urgent care was listed on myHealthevet, which is an awesome resource if you are not using it.

  2. Vitaeus- Good!

    Bill- If you’re a vet, this will pay where Tricare won’t. And I’ve not had any problems with Medicare over using it.