Sigh… The grand’s dad took them snowboarding at the VERY hilly golf course day before yesterday and wore their butts out… THEY slept in yesterday morning, but the pups were whining and scratching at the door at 0600 as usual… Kids got pancakes and bacon for ‘brunch’ when they finally rolled out about 1000. PP is doing better, but arm is still hurting. And snow is melting, but they are now calling for more snow tonight and tomorrow. Oh joy, oh joy…

Fast forward a day- The kids slept in again, the dogs didn’t… And the kids wore me AND the dogs out.

Now they’ve cancelled school for tomorrow… Sigh…


Whupped… — 8 Comments

  1. Kids got energy to burn. Wish they could transfer or infect some of that energy to older folks.

  2. Same energy, less mass. It’s simple physics. Add age of mean entropy and voila. You aren’t complaining about having the kids around are ya?

  3. It’s time with family, to be treasured for sure. Enjoy your snow day with the grandkids!

  4. Me thinks grandpa complainith to much.

    Enjoy the time with them

  5. All- I’m not ‘complaining’ per se, more like bitching… LOL And yes, I am ‘enjoying’ the time with them, but also trying to take a load off PP at the same time, which leads to conflicting priorities.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    LOL, The Dogs saved you my Friend, LOL…The Kids are a perpetual motion machine. If we could bottle that energy up…We would be rich!….Rich I tell you, LOL