Something a bit different…

I’ll be doing a radio interview today with Ed Bonderenka!

Looking forward to speaking with author JL Curtis today on
Your American Heritage. Join us. Call in.  2pm Eastern
I’m sure we’ll be talking writing and books, and who knows what else. Feel free to listen and have a good laugh when I screw up! I hope Ed has his bleep finger warmed up (sailor over here)…


Something a bit different… — 10 Comments

  1. Anyone else having any luck getting audio via the posted link above? It tells me it’s playing but it’s nothing but silence.

    I’ve tried other stations that offers, and gotten audio for those.

    (Trying to get this lined up and working early so I can hear the show later today.)

  2. audio started working on its own at 08:13 EST.

  3. Derek the producer is quick on the draw for bleeps.

    Go to click listen live.

  4. Internet radio quality of the show: Overall good, a couple of audio dropouts, but mostly clear and consistent. Show content was interesting and the hour went by quickly.

    Further to a comment you made about how digital copies can be modified or taken away post-purchase:
    “Roald Dahl eBooks Reportedly Censored Remotely”

    Yep, readers who bought the original versions are finding they’ve been replaced with the Bowdlerized editions.