Basic research 101… And inability to read maps…

What happens when you elect people to office who have only the most tenuous grip on reality, and actually think that Rachel Levine is a female admiral, Lia Thomas is a champion female swimmer, and Old Joe Biden is a competent, capable president of the United States? They’re finding out the hard way in Newark, N.J., these days. The city was about to become a Sister City with the nation of Kailasa and sign a cultural trade agreement with Kailasa representatives, but then a small detail ended up ruining the party: Kailasa doesn’t exist. It’s a fictional place.

Full article, HERE.

I literally… sigh…


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  1. The incompetence in all levels of government these days is astounding

  2. What’s the currency in Kailasa? I heard it was the Kat, the exchange rate being something on the order of ∄1,000 to $1.00 USD – truth?

    Newark officials should be secretly counting their blessings on this one. There are people in this world (such as our noble host) who would put together a budget, collect funding from like minded pranksters, and send an envoy to the Newark city hall, complete with translators, dancing girls, and a Royal Guard that looked like something out of a potbellied, low budget, Arabian Nights film.

    Never happen, you say. Impossible, you claim. Well, I point wordlessly at KTVU Channel 2 reporting on the now infamous Asiana Airlines flight that crashed. The flight crew was listed as ‘Sum Ting Wong,’ ‘Wi Tu Lo,’ ‘Ho Lee Fuk,’ and ‘Bang Ding Ow’; confirmed by a nameless intern who exceeded his authority.

    Nice, huh?

  3. The tip off should have been someone wanting to be the sister city of Newark in the first place. The same goes for Camden or Patterson, NJ.

    Even Mogodisho has higher standards than that.

  4. What? This makes perfect sense following “Mostly Peaceful Protests” and “Masks Save Lies” and the whole Color Revolution, Diversity Officers, Human Resources, Equal Opportunity Officers (no, not diversity officers, gotta have both, three including HR idiots,) DEI, Transeverything, LGBTPDQBFYTWHIHOHIHOITSOFFTOTRANSIGO, and all the other leftist revisionisticbullscat that Marx, Lenin, Lennon, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Sanders, Warren, Pol Pot and a host, nay a legion of demonic socialists, communists, dictators, combo of all three in various forms and colors have been pushing, nay, shoving down our throats these last 100+ years.

    Seriously, for Black History Month, the local bigwigs and companies have basically presented Wakanda as an example of said Black History.

    If people believe Wakanda (a fictitious sub-Saharan African nation of people who absolutely hated every other sub-Saharan African, created by two white Jewish New York Cityites) is real and a perfect example of Black Excellence, why not some other fictitious country?

    If E. Warren can be a Native American, if B. Sanders can be considered a socialist, if B. Franks can be considered an economic megabrain, if a biological male who sucks at sports can call himself herself and win in women’s sports, then why not Kailasa-Wakanda?

  5. Why, Kailasa is every bit as real as Grand Fenwick!

    Madison, WI has TEN Sister Cities in as many countries. Must mean sumthin’…

      • Yah. Also, the city budget is looking at either a huge surplus or a catastrophic debt depending on, well, I dunno, whoever is bloviating to get elected. I’m ignoring all of ’em.

  6. There’s a reason certain expressions never go out of style.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    This is what happens when people are selected by the number of boxes they can check off rather than competence and unfortunately it cost a crapload of tax payer money to fix…and they are not held accountable for their screwups….just the taxpayers.