And scary too!

GenX — those lucky enough to have come of age before political correctness and its totalitarian offspring, wokism, took hold — might prove to be the last Americans, according to a new Wall Street Journal survey.

“Patriotism, religious faith, having children and other priorities that helped define the national character for generations are receding in importance to Americans,” the Journal reported in Monday’s edition.

Full article, HERE from PJ Media.

And when you throw in the latest trends in ‘wokism’, destroying history, rewriting what they can’t destroy, and everything being raciss, sexiss, etc. along with the splits going on in the country between blue and red, it’s going to get interesting, and not in a good way…

This little infographic from a few years ago might be more applicable than we thought, especially with what is happening with needed drugs, baby formula, and other things that are ‘necessary’…


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  1. You reap what you sow, and in our schools, we have sown discord.

  2. Most Americans are about 3 days away from total anarchy if the transportation network fails.

  3. And the asshole in the White House along with many in Congress and the Climate change wackos think we can just do away with oil and natural gas and continue on without a glitch are ALL crazy and should be locked up in a rubber room!

  4. The psychopaths and sociopaths (on their way to psychopathy?) have taken over the positions and instruments of power. They are grooming young people to be like them. This nation on a whole is insane and infested with Evil. As is attributed, “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason”, is being applied in these times.

    All of these people who want to destroy our Nation do not realize that they are not equiped and prepared to survive the collapse.

  5. I don’t know if those who would change our country think they won’t destroy it, or if they think they’ll survive the destruction… Either way, they have unleashed a monster that will be difficult or impossible to control.

    And as for the changes in the current generation, remember that the media and others want you to think all hope is lost, that everything is going their way.
    Take heart that they are wrong, or better incomplete. There are many young people living quiet good lives that don’t make the news, especially in rural areas.

    • Those who have changed or are changing or would change are doing it because they want to be big fish in little ponds. Literally they want are a return to feudalism with them on the top and peons on the bottom and a sucking-up middle class of a limited supply of specialty merchants and an upper lower class of local merchants who serve the peons.

      Destroy national and state loyalties, destroy the right to travel, destroy the right to own property, to own money or tangible assets that can be bartered, to learn, to believe, to worship at the altar of God (but worship at the satanic altars of climate control and communism/socialism.)

      In fact, what they who destroy want is for peons to worship… them. To have everything owned by them and leased/loaned at high expense to the peons. To control whole sections of land or commerce and wield the power of high and low justice over the peons, peasants, indentured servants, outright chattel slaves.

      That is what They want. That is what They seek. Ultimate power wielded by a few over the rest of us, with useful overseers doing the dirty work for Them.

  6. This sounds to me like a case where the blackpill scenario also sounds a great deal like opposition wishcasting.

    There are definitely communist kids now, but there were communist kids in the 1960s. Was America dead then? Was that the last American generation? Some would say yes.

    But, if you are less than eighty, and consider yourself American, you would tend to say no.

    There are also bits of evidence that the kids are alright.