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First up, Alma Boykin has a new Merchants and Empires book out, Herbs and Empire

As always, click on the cover for the link!

The blurb-

When Saxo smeared herbs onto the great-hauler’s leg, he just wanted to ease the bird’s pain, not turn his world upside-down.

Saxo, called Birdson, has no family, friends, or skills, aside from caring for Master Agri’s great-haulers, the birds of burden in the Northern Empire. A beast healer priest discovers Saxo’s secret—the boy is an herb healer with a beast calming magic.

Now, Master Jeaspe wants to train Saxo to heal. Master Agri wants Saxo’s gifts—and income—for his own use. Yoorst, Lord of the Beasts, has other plans.

When the gods speak, men obey. If they are wise.

Next is the third installment of the Malta anthologies, Falcons of Malta

The blurb-

It started with a rant, and a lunch, and a challenge.

Falcons of Malta is the final Malta Anthology from Raconteur Press and it holds a little bit of everything; Ghosts, Heroes, History, Pirates, Crusaders, Fantasy, Magic and a possible glimpse of the future.

A huge part of the Western World has been impacted by the events that have taken place on this tiny island in the Mediterranean, and these stories encourage the imagination to soar. Join 11 authors as they explore the magic, the mystery, and the sometimes rocky terrain that is Malta.

I was there for that original lunch, and it’s great to see the number of ‘new’ authors this series of anthologies has spawned! Enjoy!!!


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  1. I just got both of them.
    I’m trying to crank up the Papa Pat Rambles reviewing machine again; whether I succeed or not remains to be seen.
    BUT: Yesterday, I finished “Hunters and Hijinks” and “Postcards From Mars,” and I’m reading “Space Cowboys.”
    Since Amazon seems to be taking about a week to publish submissions (and it’s not just me; others said the same), I’m probably going to have to create a log to keep track of things. When I was in production mode (one book per day) during the Dragon Awards a few years back, that’s how I did it.

  2. Yup. Left my review of Falcons last night/early this morning. Another of the can’t-put-it-down series.