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  1. Words have gender, people have sex.

    APA and other psychologists should have never taken the other academic theorists as credible.

    At one point, psychologists recognized that they could /only/ help people if they treated those people inside of the context of whatever culture.

    LGBT theory fundamentally includes looking outside US culture, whether at actually real cultures, or at entirely imaginery cultures.

    Therefore, all psychological practice based on that LGBT work is invalid for US culture persons.

    This stuff was always obviously necessarily destructive.

    Schools abusing children to make them respond to insane demands, and then folks trying to function in the culture that theory claims exists are as a practical matter not functioning in any culture.

    • Some people don’t have as much sex as they’d like.

  2. I’m no expert on transgender youth or gender dysphoria or other sexual abnormalities but as I child, I knew of a farmer who had a 200 pound goat that had both a penis and a vagina. Some of the farmers believed that the large size was nature’s way of protecting it from being killed by the other goats.

    I’ve often wondered if at some point in history if some doctor looked up at the new mother and asked: “what do you want me to do, snip or stitch?”. And what would be the consequences of a wrong decision?

    While I’m sure such occurrences are extremely rare, it’s unrealistic to pretend that there aren’t profound issues with various degrees of sexual identities and deformities.

    Seems to me that rather than this Republican movement of exploiting this .5% of Americans (which in my opinion is a ploy of enraging the base by convincing the pitchfork people that the torch people want to take away their pitchforks), we’d all be better served if they’d just leave such things up to the parents, their God, and the medical profession.

  3. All- Thanks for the comments, and I don’t have any good answers… or at least none that are PC these days… sigh

  4. The people pushing to “transition” kids fully understand this. They KNOW that children…and many adults…are incapable of making such decisions. They simply don’t care. This is about POWER. The ability to make people do things…even things that are harmful to themselves or others. It’s about control. It’s about destroying the fabric of our society so they can replace it with what THEY want. You don’t try and reason with such evil. It can’t be reasoned with. You exterminate it. That’s the only reasonable, viable or JUST way to deal with the problem and the people behind the problem.