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John Van Stry has a new MilSF novel out- Stand Alone

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The blurb-

Chase had it all planned out, do a little time in one of the emperor’s jails, say a four year stretch for getting rid of some trash that no one would miss, and when he got out, the path to the leadership would be wide open. It wasn’t enough to be one of the gang’s rising stars, or better lieutenants, he needed jail time, serious jail time — not that juvie crap or just going to county, to garner the respect he needed and deserved.

Unfortunately his bastard of a father, the same one that left his mother to die in poverty and him to run wild on the streets took an interest. Seeing him sitting on the bench when his case went to court was a shock. But not as big a shock as being sentenced to ten years in the Imperial Navy.

That’s just the first of Chase’s nasty surprises as he finds himself among the Emperor’s Own – The Wolfhounds. How, and why, his bastard father sent him there is a secret that only the base AI knows the answer to. When that same AI decides to use Chase to fulfill its own orders, Chase soon finds himself in a situation where if he doesn’t die honorably in combat due to the enemy, his own side will arrange those circumstances for him.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Chase is proving to be just as tough of a bastard as the man who sent him there.

I had the pleasure of beta reading this one, and it’s GOOD!

And Peter Nealen has the next book in his Pallas Group series up for preorder-

The blurb-

The Rubicon Has Been Crossed

The war came back at Pallas Group Solutions. Chris and Nick both found themselves fighting for their families’ lives.

In response, they struck back.

Now, with two major underworld figures dead, who had facilitated crimes for the People’s Republic of China, the cartels, and others, the war has entered a new phase.

There’s no going back.

There is only the fight.

As Pallas Group Solutions becomes a Non State Actor.

You’ll love this high-octane thriller because the stakes are as high as the action is intense.

It will drop November 21st.


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  1. I was up till 2-ish am reading this in bed on my Kindle in dark mode. *sips coffee* I gotta stop doing this to myself, but the story is very good.

    • Clarification: John’s new book. Okay, coffee time now.

    • Yeah, wasted a day due to staying up all night reading it. Went to bed when I should have been getting up.
      When do we get the next book?!!!