And now it begins…

NY AG James is on a…roll???

New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing JBS USA, the world’s largest producer of beef, over the company’s emissions and for “greenwashing” by allegedly misleading the public about its environmental impact.

In an announcement, James noted that beef production has the largest greenhouse gas footprint of any major food commodity and that animal agriculture accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. According to James, JBS USA’s various net-zero pledges for 2030 and 2040 are therefore misleading and “not feasible” given the scope of its worldwide beef production operations.

Full article, HERE from Fox News.

So now this suit is over something that hasn’t happened yet, but she’s going after them anyway…

Cue the moving vans to New York as the big boys scramble to get out of Dodge before she sues them. Remington is probably thankful they’re already out, and I can’t help but wonder ‘which’ Wall Street firm will be the first to leave.

Everybody laughs at Berkshire Hathaway being located in Omaha, NB, with no offices in NY, but they may have the last laugh…

The other issue here is that JBS is the largest beef producer in the world! If they go under, what does that do to beef prices, not just here, but world wide?


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  1. Leticia James – somebody should watch that she never eats a hamburger or a steak ever again. Should she attempt it, I hope that she chokes.

    • Seems she is a Globalist and should only eat bugs if she was worried about the Climate per her WEF masters.

  2. American Liberals are, without a doubt, the dumbest people on the face of the Earth.

    • Most of them are not dumb, although some are spectacularly so. They are EVIL.

  3. Typical brain dead commie leftist who has zero idea how the real world actually works. Thinks she can save the world by suing the bejeebers out of anyone and everyone she doesn’t approve of. Be hard to come up with a more deserving person to hang. There are serial killers behind bars who aren’t as evil as she is.

  4. Whelp, A Duck Duck Go Search says 25-30 million buffalo in 1600 and a cow census of 921 million EOY 2022. The middle estimate of Native Population prior to whites is 4.4 million, EOY 2023 US Population is reported to be 340 million. Bovines up 33.5X, People up 77X. We need to double the number of cows. We can reduce greenhouse emissions by eliminating liberals. I suggest putting them on a strict diet of veggie meat.

    We haven’t even addressed the chicken explosion.

    • Chickens explode? Alert OSHA!
      Exploding chickens could add a whole new dimension to the annual Boomershoot event.

      If we eat less meat, we’ll end up eating more beans. And we all know what that means.

      • Well, they do if you shove tannerite up their keisters and shoot them. Or, well, any explosives, really.

        • A more exciting way to make scrambled eggs.
          Now, let’s do bacon!

    • Don’t count just Buffalo. Count all the large ruminants. Elk, moose, reindeer, all the deer species that have been seriously reduced since european settlement.

  5. Letitia James, What can be said of her insanity. This woman should not be in a courtroom but should, instead, be confined to a padded room with a very strong locked door. The idea to blame the beef industry for what may or may not be global warming is not the thought process of a sane person. What will be next on her agenda, the pork farmers or the chicken farms? How about all the wild animals such as deer, bear, rabbits and the wild birds? They all emit carbon dioxide. Letitia James is a stark raving lunatic.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Basically anybody that has anything to do with anything that the far left doesn’t approve of has to worry, can you say fuel, automotive distributors, airports, airlines, anything that deal with petroleum in any form to oil to making plastics…I can go on and on…This is a slippery slope here. Like you said, I can see more manufacturers planning their exit strategy.

  7. As Koch said in Babylon 5: “The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.”

    This article at Bloomberg seems to indicate that businesses in NY have seen a long history of problems, and the smart ones have already gotten out, and others are preparing.

    “New York and California Each Lost $1 Trillion When Financial Firms Moved South” link of paywalled article:

    Tech side-note: If you are having trouble with a never-ending captcha at (part of ‘’ group of sites), the problem stems from your browser using a feature called “DNS over HTTPS” (DoH), and DoH is configured to use Cloudflare as the name resolver.

    a) Turn off DoH in your browser’s settings
    b) Configure DoH to use a different name resolver other than Cloudflare.

    This is a known issue going back a long time, and it’s essentially a stupid tech-standards bun-fight between Cloudflare and that isn’t likely to get resolved any time in the near future.

    • Thanks! I don’t have that problem on my home computers, but work is a different story. I’ll talk to IT and see what they recommend (long story, but because Fed Reasons, the ‘net browsers at work are all Odd, and IT has the only keys. For some things, not all.)

      • Quite welcome, Red!

        Look up “” on wikipedia, and pass that page on to your IT staff as well. If they make an exclusion list of sites that shouldn’t use DoH, the list of mirrors for should come in handy.

  8. Given that the entire U.S. produces some fraction of a fraction of ‘greenhouse gases’, I doubt the world’s largest beef op produces enough cow farts measureable outside a fifty mile radius from its operations.

    Note, the NY AG has stepped far beyond the scope of the office. She’s on record of having consulted, in her official capacity, another state about their elections regulations.

    That she has not already been fired, disbarred, personally sued, imprisoned is indictment of the corruption of state and federal govt.

    • She’s not gone after Hillary yet. That’s why she’s still breathing.

  9. It will be interesting as JBS cuts off food to NY and leaves their NY buildings. I am sure other companies are seeing the same thing and thinking the same thing. Truck deliveries stopping only for support of Trump can also happen for other reasons. I am sure these companies will let people know why they are doing and who is causing it. Not a good look for the Dems.

  10. So this Letitia James… character…is all afeared I’ll eat more beans?

    Time for Bush’s & Mrs. Grimes, yes?

  11. She is also suing Nassau County NY for passing legislation concerning transgender athletes. Her self-perceived success seems to have impacted her ability to think.

  12. JBS USA pleads guilty and pays a fine. Cheaper in the long run. Why take a chance getting a judge that says you are guilty before the trial starts.

    Dot Gov justice at its finest!

  13. Didn’t an edict come from Davis that we should eat bugs? Maybe this is step one in forcing the change.

  14. Okay, did just a quick check and…

    JBS Headquarters is located in Greeley, Colorado and all their meat is raised outside of NYFC and mostly out of NY state.

    So what grounds is Mzzzz James using to say that NYFC has the ability to control what is going on in other states?

    I mean, yeah, NYFC denizens think they rule the world, but they don’t, and this might have standing in a Colorado court, but, seriously, in NYFC? Where there is so much pollution and lack of green space and all that?

    Whert Ther Ferk, Over?

    • They cannot enforce a law beyond the borders of their state.
      Enjoy the crickets you assholes!

    • WAY too many NYC volken do NOT comprehend that their “glorius island” is *utterly* *dependent* on outside… almost EVERYTHING. In an old fashioned siege.. what have they got? **SQUAT**.

  15. There are reasons you don’t give african people power . They abuse it.

  16. The solution to all of these types of problems is very simple, but will not be utilized.
    Don’t deliver, sell, or ship any beef products to the State of New York. Fuck ’em.
    “Oh, no, we can’t lose that market share….” Fuck you, your lack of testicles, and the horse you rode in on.
    The instant gun and ammo manufacturers told California to pound sand their ridiculous gun laws would be repealed.
    But they’re pussies (*except for Ronnie Barret*)

    … Better yet, we need to start suing these people for thinking they even have the authority to bring a case like this…. Tar and feather’s boys, tar and feathers is what’s needed!

    • I must object. It ain’t the HORSE’S fault.
      Other than that, carry on!

  17. Actually JBS is a Brazilian co; no extradition. They could tell JBS USA to just ignore the whole affair.