Stranger and stranger…

Seems like ‘some’ folks really don’t like the flag or any representation of it…

Members of a regional women’s country line dance team were reportedly kicked out of a Seattle dance convention after organizers claimed their American flag-themed shirts made some attendees feel “triggered and unsafe.”

Over the weekend at the Emerald City Hoedown in Seattle, the Borderline Dance team was set to perform, but were essentially told they weren’t welcome by organizer Rain Country Dance Association, an LGBTQ+ dance community, over their matching American flag themed shirts, Jason Rantz reported for 770 KTTH

Full article, HERE.

Funny how these ‘inclusive’ groups seem to be NOT so inclusive…

And I can’t help but wonder if they HAD changed shirts anything else would have changed.


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  1. Hey Old NFO,

    Leftist were being Leftist, they are only “inclusive” in it is the right inclusiveness” as far as they are concerned, by fitting in their echo chamber. Ahhh the vaunted tolerance of the modern Left.

  2. “And I can’t help but wonder if they HAD changed shirts anything else would have changed.”

    At that point, they had all been “made,” so I doubt it. Funny how groups “dedicated to inclusivity,” aren’t.

  3. “Unfortunately, they’re not “on their own” with the participation trophy & Gen Z crowd. I was recently at a military funeral and the Honor Guard was not what I’ve seen in the past. It was led by someone who perhaps was GenZ but the troops didn’t seem to really understand what they were meant to do and their uniforms looked like they’d come out of the dryer and had never seen starch. The flag was folded loosely and looked like a pillow when they were done. When presented, it was evident that English was not his first language. While I couldn’t say for sure because only the flag presenter spoke, it’s possible that the troops were all foreign-born, the possibility of which I found alarming.”

    From here–

  4. Um, if I feel triggered and unsafe by seeing a representation of the flag of the country I choose to live in, doesn’t that make it my problem? WTH is wrong with these people?

  5. And we knew this, as the only flags we are ‘allowed’ to burn by our ‘betters’ are the American flag, most state flags and most Christian denomination flags. Burn a Mexican, Iranian, Russian, ChiCom, Rainbow, Canadian, Cuban, Puerto Rican or any other failed or oppressive state, religion or idea and you’ll find yourself in front of a Hate Crime firing squad in less time than it takes to read this reply.