Gah, I’ve been doing this for a while… 17 years ago I started with this post!

I’m new to this whole arena, but thought I’d give it a try. I guess I fall in the “silent majority” as we have been deemed, I’ve never sought publicity, sued anyone for spilling my coffee, sure as hell ain’t a movie star; well, you get the drift…

I’m mid-50’s have a decent job, two decent kids trying hard to make their own way in the world today, and a lot of frustration with what is happening to the US of A. Being from the South, I hunt, fish, and shoot guns; so that immediately makes me one of those “rabid rednecks” to quote some out there. I did have a pickup, but it’s hard to park it where I work, so I drive a Pontiac… sure do miss the truck though… sigh…

As a retired military type, it really hurts to see the crap we are putting the folks in service through today. I lived through that in Vietnam, and I take the time to thank every Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine for their service when I get the chance. Most of the kids (I’m Southern so I can say that) are doing the best they can with what they have. They believe in the job they and others are doing in the Sandbox, and are pretty upset by the media coverage they get.

Anyway, I’m going to try this for a while and see what happens… thanks for reading and commenting…


6500 posts, 87,800 comments, and something over 10 million views later, I’m STILL amazed y’all stick around for my brain drippings…



Blogversity… — 30 Comments

  1. Congratulations. I know how difficult it can be finding content, and being relevant..

    Your efforts at providing the Free Ice Cream are much appreciated.

  2. Happy blog-anniversary!

    Thanks you for continuing to post regularly and be a nexus that people gather around. It’s an impressive track record.

  3. Thank you for your service and your Blog. I enjoy it. I do not always comment but I always read it.

  4. 19+ years for me.
    You do a better job of posting relevant stuff on a (near) daily basis than I. So much of what I consider writing is just repetition.
    Blogging seems to have changed since we started. A bunch of friends started when I did, and now none share their thoughts.
    Thank you for your continued (like-minded) plugging.

  5. You underestimate yourself, JL! I for one, appreciate the things you bring to share with us, and your opinions always seem logical and well-reasoned! Thanks also, for your career in the Navy. I was there, too, and I often feel quite sad to see the state to which it’s been reduced. I was with the surface fleet, and watching my old FFG go down with her back broken ( was heart-wrenching, as is watching the new batch go to sea in those two POS classes of LCSs — Little Crappy Ships, indeed!

    You keep us smiling and occasionally laughing as we all head into wherever this is going! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for your commitment to the blog, your books, and your followers in virtual and meat-space. I can confidently say that this world would be a less-interesting place without you. Please keep up the good work, and thank you for your services (active, contractor, and retired)

  7. congrats…I know I don’t comment near as much as I should but I do come by almost everyday…Thanks for your support

  8. You and a couple of other bloggers inspired me to start. Mine is not as “successful”, oh well, it isn’t a competition. Perhaps bloggers can be considered a sort of community.

  9. You make sense…
    You aren’t blind to what’s going on, but you aren’t a panic-merchant, either. You inform, you question, but you don’t manipulate.

    You’ve been around a bit and seen a few things, so your perspective is interesting.

    Good on you.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    It is your fault as I have stated many times…It is your fault. Because I found your blog one day in 2011, I started blogging, so it is your fault that I am foisted on the blogging world. so there 😛

  11. I lived through that in Vietnam, and I take the time to thank every Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine for their service when I get the chance.
    I’m right there with you and when I get the chance buy their lunch.

  12. You are totally welcome, and, more so, thank you sir! I add my congratulations to the crowd’s! Well done!

  13. Sir!
    as an unreconstructed Southerner,
    who “stumbled upon you about 10 yearsago”,
    i didn’t know that.
    all the more i respect and yours!
    i visit here daily.
    i live abroad, so i can’t interact personally
    ( else we would’ve met years ago)
    i left babylon, er, fusa, years ago…

    yet, my wife thinks you are my brother.
    she doesn’t comprende americans.

    but, you are.
    like me and boron, and mike m, mike c, cederq, phil, surly ( i refuse to believe ai. he merely represents the dinosaurs we all are) et al, an almost lost generation.
    if i may be romantic a bit-
    i rather liken us to the “Lost Cause” believers.
    and we usa we knew (now fusa), is/was

    our lost cause.

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