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    • Only if you can pass an entrance exam.

      1.Which new social policies should Texas add to make it a truly great state?

      If the answer isn’t something libertarian or “none,” then I’d gently encourage them to continue to a different state. After all, Texas has tornadoes, blizzards, derechos, floods, hurricanes, fire ants that swim, heat indexes that reach 120 F in summer, and a few other miseries. They’d be much happier in, oh, Wisconsin or Delaware. 😉

      • A good number of former Californians seem to have ended up in the other state that starts with T. My wife has several Navy brat friends she grew up with in San Diego who now live around Knoxville and Chattanooga.

  1. Me and my wife are Californians born in the late 50s. We left with our two sons who were born in the 80s as my company moved me to the east coast.

    Most of our families have moved out, died, but some still live in all parts of the state. Of the ones still in the state it is not easy for them and I do not know how long they will stay.

  2. Emily/TXRed- See her answer Emily!

    JG- Yep, daughters are trying to figure out how to get out too… sigh