Back in battery!!!


Draggin’ ass, but I’m home in one piece. AAR to come tomorrow, but a combo of bad beds, lousy conference chairs (EVERY #$#@#% convention), and forgetting my muscle relaxers (again!) just wore me out.


LibertyCon was good! Busy, lots of good folks, and a chance to meet more fans!


Back in battery!!! — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve gotten so bad that I generally bring “the chair that does not hurt” with me to such things.

  2. LibertyCon was great. The weather was not. My wife got sick from the heat and not drinking enough water.

  3. Tuvela- Thanks!

    uC- I flew…sigh

    Mike- You were missed!

    TOS- Oh no! So sorry to hear that, and yes, it was HOT AND HUMID!!!

  4. Anytime you get to spend time in Tennessee (outside of Trashville–Memphis doesn’t count, that’s East Arkansas) is good.
    Me, I get to live here.

  5. Better to be draggin’ ass than to have dragon ass.

    Drive fast, take chances. Glad you made it back safe.

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