The Bird Feeder

I wish I could take credit, but I didn’t write it… The Bird Feeder A man bought a bird feeder. He hung it on his back porch and filled it with seed. Within a week he had hundreds of birds … Continue reading

Sea and Air Power at it’s best

The Navy and Air Force just finished a big exercise in the Western Pacific- Here is the graduation picture 🙂 And yes, that really is a B-52 in the center of the flight formation and this year marks the B-52’s … Continue reading

ERnursey – A very interesting Blog

ERnursey – An emergency room nurse blog: Strange things found in various places. I was rolling on the floor at this one! This is another keeper of a blog. … Continue reading

Fair Winds and Following Seas for a shipmate

I just found out a few minutes ago that my “Sea Daddy” from my early P-3 Orion days died almost two years ago. This reminds me of Matt’s post a couple of days ago over on Better and Better, how … Continue reading

Ah… The joys of travel reimbursement…

Better known as why I hate beancounters… As y’all know, I do a bit of travel for the government, which means I get to routinely submit paperwork, receipts, etc. to try to get the money back I spend doing my … Continue reading

I’m a little lemming….

Okay, since everyone ELSE is jumping on this bandwagon… This Is My Life, Rated Life: 6.7 Mind: 7.1 Body: 6.1 Spirit: 7.1 Friends/Family: 4.7 Love: 0 Finance: 8.8 Take the Rate My Life Quiz Yep, pretty much good, other than … Continue reading

HUD View from the COCKPIT during a Space Shuttle Landing

Sigh… This is as close as most of us will ever get… The thing to keep in mind is there is NO GO AROUND! It’s one shot and one shot only. Enjoy! … Continue reading

Go check this Blog!

Go check out Skywritings This lady has her act together!!! Between her, Female Firefighter/Paramedic and BabsRN I’m learning a LOT of stuff I wish I had known 30+ years ago when I could have applied some of it… sigh… Day … Continue reading

My semi-blind date from hell…

Last night was one of those periodic get togethers with a friend and his wife. We decided to go to the local Italian place for an early (quiet) dinner. Bob and I were meeting his wife and one of her … Continue reading

We are… (insert acronym here)

It’s really interesting to read various Web Logs (blogs) and see the assumptions the writers make that everyone knows exactly what the author means… Also, the creation of words and acronyms to make things easier… yeah, right… Just a random … Continue reading