We’re getting old…

Some assembly required… X 30… But who is going to do it when we’re gone? I’m on the road again, putting stuff on a boat to go test it and I’m looking around and other than the geeks, everybody else … Continue reading

One of those days, part 2,959…

Just another day at the oriface… I just ‘love’ trying to get everything done before going on vacation. It’s like there is somebody looking over your shoulder and dumping more pieces of insignificant junk on your desk as you finish … Continue reading


It’s 0100 in Sydney, I’m bored, tired and waiting on work email, so I was popping through a few blogs and saw that Lawdog via LaFemme had found a Discworld quiz. Since I just finished reading Soul Music on the … Continue reading

Why do we even bother with debates?

In my tiny little mind, I cannot figure out what at least half of the questions asked in the “debate” tonight were supposed to be about, they didn’t have a damn thing to do with being a President- I think … Continue reading