Here we go again…

That whole the Russians are our ‘friends’ thingie… Well, not so much… Russia’s Mediterranean task force will comprise 5-6 warships and may be enlarged to include nuclear submarines, Navy Commander Adm. Viktor Chirkov said on Sunday. “Overall, already from this year, … Continue reading

ROE, FONs, and other ‘Fun’ things…

A couple of converstations and some blog posts from various folks got me started down memory lane…Rules of Engagement (ROE)Ed Rasimus over at Thunder Tails did a great job in his books of talking about the ROE we had in … Continue reading

In the Navy, Brit Style…

Got this one from a friend in Britian who is a retire Group Commander, somehow I don’t think he’s ‘impressed’ with the latest changes in the British Navy… The Royal Navy is proud of its new fleet of Type 45 … Continue reading

Nothing much to say…

Looks like MORE cuts are coming for the Military… At what point do we just turn off the lights, close the doors,  and stop being America so that MORE $$ can go to entitlements???At what point does the Eagle become a … Continue reading

A Follow-up to the Fighter Pilots…

This one came through the porthole not once but twice, once from an old fart, and once from an active duty type… Military aviation has ALWAYS been know for non-PC patches, probably going back to the original aviators, and it’s … Continue reading

Where Have All The Fighter Pilots Gone???

Ironically, this was also the subject of a number of discussions at the Reunion last week… What follows are the words of an individualist (who prefers to remain unidentified) who has set down in writing what a many of us … Continue reading

Where are our Carriers???

This is an EXCELLENT article by James G. Wiles at American Thinker March 08, 2011 ‘Where are My Carriers?’ It was Bill Clinton who famously said that, when an international crisis breaks in some rough corner of the world, the … Continue reading

Military News…

Check out this video on the new and improved “Pig”… New M60-43 Machine gun (.30 Cal). Truly puts the word “machine” in Machine Gun. Very impressive and this sustained fire only represents half of the advertized capacity of sustained by … Continue reading

How real IS our military training???

The link HERE is what is currently being done at 29 Palms (better known as 29 Stumps to those in the know). It is a semi-commercial for the company that is providing the training equipment and personnel, but it’s worth … Continue reading


At a friend’s retirement a few weeks ago he read this; and I thought some of y’all might be interested in his perspective after 28 years on active duty…I PUT ON MY UNIFORM TODAY! A Navy Chief sat behind his … Continue reading