Passports are a pain in the A**

Welcome to passport hell… (well that is what the sign SHOULD have said)
To make a long story short, I sent my passort in for more visa pages 3 weeks ago, as I have a trip this Friday. So yesterday I spend, off and on, 7 hours on the phone trying to get into the system and actually talk to a live body… Finally succeed, and guess what- Passport is not done, not sure where it is, etc… Bottom line, I get an appointment for 0800 this morning at the Washington Passport Office in downtown DC. So….

Early get up, run in to the office, jump on Metro, hike four blocks, get there at 0745, and I’m number THIRTY in line…

Stand in line for an hour to get to the appointments desk, only to be told, “Well you don’t actually HAVE an appointment, I don’t care what your paperwork and email says, so you will have to see a Supervisor. Got sit down and wait.”

Oh okay… geez, what is this little number beside wait time printed on the ticket? Hmmm… ONE HOUR AND FIFTY TWO MINUTES!!!! What the? So I go corner the supervisor (nice lady by the way), to whom I explain the situation, she says, “Oh you will definitely have to wait at least that long. I only have two supervisors working today.”

Two and a half hour later, I finally get to the window, only to be told, “Well, since your passport is still in our system, I can’t do anything until tomorrow, so if you don’t receive it by tomorrow, come back and we will help you then.”

It’s now 12:30, I’m back in my office with nada to show for the entire morning…sigh…

AND I’ll probably have to do this all over again tomorrow.

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