Memorial Day

Tomorrow we will “celebrate” Memorial Day. For many, it’s just another holiday away from work, and oh yeah, that thing with the flags at the Cemetary… sigh…

It should be a day of rememberance for those who gave their lives that we might live free and unafraid here in the US. Here is a link on the history of Memorial Day.

I am lucky, if you want to call it that, to live and work in Northern Virginia. I have the ability to get to the Memorials and go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Today the Rolling Thunder motorcycle parade is taking place starting from the North Parking at the Pentagon and ending at the Vietnam Memorial. For many of the riders, this has become their day and their way to honor the fallen comrades, and those left behind. I was at a local restaurant last night and overheard four riders talking, they had ridden from Washington State, 8 days on the road to be here and were leaving to go back on Monday afternoon. To them, it was an honor to be here, not a “thing” they had to do. I talked to them for a few minutes, and thanked them for their service and the trip they made.

Tomorrow, I will go to Arlington early in the morning to remember those who have gone before us; then I will go to the Tomb and stay until after the services there. If you can’t go to any local services, take a moment and say a prayer for our folks that are defending us today, throughout the world. I think they will appreciate it.

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