Random Thoughts

It’s raining, so here I sit, rather that doing something productive…

Anyhoo…. Random looks at the news, the net and TV are interesting-

Fred Thompson is gaining on Guiliani in the straw polls, about the only coverage is online- nothing in the newspapers I saw today, nothing on mainstream media, nothing on cable- The only place I’ve seen it is on the net! I think Fred Thompson needs to get all the skeletons out, like his illness, prior to announcing. That way, the media is cut off at the knees, but I’m sure the manufactured stuff will still come out. Hopefully he won’t lose his temper too badly when the crap hits…

Looks like there will be a shooting war in Gaza in the next day or so- Again not much on mainstream media, some mention on talk radio, a little on the net. If this happens, I predict we will see bombings increase in Iraq, because they will drop off the front page, and the groups over there can’t stand that.

Oh joy… just heard the congresscritters are going to “fix” energy… Guess this will be about as good as them fixing the illegal immigrant problem.

Lemme see, oil companies make an average of $.08/gal profit; they aren’t going to authorize anymore drilling off any US coast; they aren’t going to allow anymore Nuclear power; they aren’t going to allow the old companies to build anymore refineries… Yep, they’re gonna fix it good….

Dale Earnhart, Jr. is about to make a decision about the new team he will sign with next year- No wonder the fans are called rednecks… talk about invective… It is sad that a family dynasty is being broken up, but in reality Junior is a big boy and can and will make his own decisions. Theresa Earnhart is obviously taking care of her daughter with Dale, and does not want to let Junior take over.

Regardless of where he goes, I think he will continue to get fan support (and sponsorship), which will touch off even more jawing back and forth on some of these NASCAR sites. I guess I had never really realized how caught up in NASCAR some people are. I enjoy the racing (used to go to Daytona regularly in the 70’s and 80’s), the strategy and the byplay; but I don’t live or die by what somebody does or doesn’t do…

Under the learn something new category- I found out there is actually an association of meeting planners! They really do have meetings to plan meetings… AND get paid for it!!!!

Oh well, it quit raining, time to do something productive. Y’all have a good evening.

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