Screaming at the TV again…

I get SO damn tired of listening to the ‘so called’ experts… There are THREE and only three ways to present things-  Facts (hard, provable, documented, etc.), pseudo-facts (maybe true, depending on ‘interpretation’) and speculations (wild ass guesses)… The 24 … Continue reading

Let the blogging begin!!!

Well, Jay G is off and running… As usual 🙂 We haven’t been here 15 minutes, and I think he’s already put up three posts! I’ll be sucking hind tit but we’re heading to the floor now. Kudos to the … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

It’s raining, so here I sit, rather that doing something productive… Anyhoo…. Random looks at the news, the net and TV are interesting- Fred Thompson is gaining on Guiliani in the straw polls, about the only coverage is online- nothing … Continue reading