I’m tired of being lied to…

The war is lost, the immigrents “deserve” to stay, we’re going to clean up Congress, we need an new AWB… Where does it end… sigh…

The war is lost ONLY if you cut and run… The troops on the ground ARE winning the battles and skirmishes, not as fast as everyone wants, but they are winning over the Iraqis. We are losing people, no question; but everyone I know in the military would rather that and fight them there, than fight them here at home. Sometimes I’d just like to stick a sock in a few democrap’s mouths, starting with Reid, Pelosi, Murtha and Kennedy/Kerry.

I copied this from LAW DOG-

BlackFive did an interview with the CO of USMC Regimental Combat Team Six. In short, Colonel Simcock would like his Marines to know that — despite what the TeeVees in the chow hall, in quarters and everywhere else say — that Americans really do support them.

BlackFive is asking folks to send supportive e-mails to those Marines.

Done, and done. I am more than proud to do so.

The e-mail for those boys is: [email protected]

RCT-6 has their own blog at: http://fightin6thmarines.vox.com/

Please take a minute or two to send these folks an email and say thanks- It will mean the world to them. I know- I was there during Nam and remember how important EVERY letter was…

The “immigrants” are ILLEGAL ALIENS… what do you not understand about the truth???? We don’t need more laws, we need to ENFORCE the laws currently on the books. Eisenhower shipped a bunch home, why can’t this interation of government? Because they are afraid of upsetting potential voters because folks might actually have to pay a real price for services… Take all the money you’re spending on the arguments and hearings for the “new” laws that you won’t enforce and build more fence!!!!

Another thing that could be done is take away the impetus for all the illegal aliens to come here- the ability to send $$ home. Make it illegal to electronically transfer money to South/Central America- That stops $2 Billion a year leaving the country.
Second, make it illegal for the banks to electronically transfer money to South/Central American banks for check payment. Third, make it illegal to provide credit/loans without PROOF of American citizenship and a green card that is not made on a copy machine. Fourth, stop giving American citizenship by right of birth to illegal alien children; ONLY allow it if BOTH parents are here legally.

Two words for Congresscritters- TERM LIMITS… A max of two terms total- any combinations, House/House, House/Senate, etc… The only waiver would be to run for President, which is already term limitied.
Stop earmarks/Presidential line item veto- These two items in concert would stop frivilous spending just to ensure re-election.

Re-institute seniority provisions- e.g. If you are the senior member, you get your choice of jobs/committees, etc. then go down the list.

Put teeth in the Ethics and campaign violations- 1 violation= dismissal and criminal prosecution.

Ban PAC’s, lobbyists, and all the other hangers on.

Require Congress to tie their pay raises to raises in the minimum wage- Even better, make it a voting issue yes/no every 4 years with the presidental election- majority rules…

Reinforce the Second Amendment standing- we don’t need any more gun laws, we need the existing laws ENFORCED!!!!!

We now have national carry for LEO’s and retired LEO’s, we have not had the predicted bloodbaths in the streets. Gee I wonder why…

Let’s license guns like we do driver’s licenses…

You’re over 21, pass the tests, background checks, demonstrate safe gun handling; you get a license to carry, ALL the other states MUST allow receprocity just like we now do with driver’s licenses.

The other thing to do is standardize a realistic list of when/where you cannot carry- e.g. Federal buildings, bars generating more than 50% of revenue from liquor sales, common sense places.

Make Castle Doctrine a nationwide standard.

I feel better now… sigh… now back to your regularly scheduled blogging….


I’m tired of being lied to… — 2 Comments

  1. First, thanks for your comment.

    About your post. You have said so much that I would love to discuss at such length. Most of what you said I agree with.

    One point that you brought up RE: illegal immigrants is the idea of banning remittances by these people to their home countries. I am sure you know this, but I doubt most of the general American populace does: many Less Developed Countries count remittances such as these as there second highest source of foreign income. Foreign governments LOVE for their citizens to move to America. This is ABSOLUTELY one of the core reasons for our current dilemma of illegal immigrants!!

    However, you mentioned the tying of the minimum wage to congressional pay increases. Here, I have some hesitation. I would like to look at the macro-economics in question a bit more deeply before I make an educated opinion here. However, I am of the initial opinion that raising the minimum wage, while looking prosperous on paper, causes havoc to occur to the overall health of the national economy.

    I genuinely love this post though. Great stuff!!

  2. Agreed Steve, and actually the $2B figure may be LOW…

    On tying the pay raises together- My logic is this:
    The congresscritters have given themselves numerous “automatic” pay raises in the last 10 years, during which time there has been NO raise in the minimum wage. Thus the poorest in the US have had NO relief for increases in cost of living costs, medical costs or any other “out of pocket” expenses. Remember the drills for military pay? I remember in the 1970’s we got a 10% raise after it was determined we were 22% behind the private sector, and that cause holy hell… Businesses (big or little) will always pay the lowest wage they can, to add more to the bottom line. They will also always poormouth that they will go out of business, but they always seem to make things work…

    Anyway, these were random gripes… 🙂