Are we next???

Looping around through Drudge and some other websites, I ran across this one…

It is a radio interview with Sen Inhofe from Oklahoma where he says he overheard Billary and Boxer complaining about talk radion and wanting to “fix” the problem legislatively. If this really happens, how far behind will the legislation of the blogsphere be???

If you’ve taken your blood pressure medicine, go get Dick Morris’ book Outrage- The book names names, points out financial “issues” and a number of other interesting points. I really think we should figure out a way to get term limits on the ballot in all 50 states- I was generally grousing about that the other day, but after reading the book, I’ve even MORE in favor of it….

Oh yeah, did anyone else catch how the congresscritters “fixed” the energy crisis? Ye olde unfunded mandate- New CAFE requirements for 2020 of 35 mpg. Of course all of them will be long gone by then, so they really don’t care what happens, but they can “wave the flag” for next year that they actually are “working hard” to solve the energy crisis…. sigh….

An update on the RCT 6 email thread- they’re reporting receiving over 3000 emails since this started- Please go back a few posts, pull the email and send them a quick email for their service. Their goal is to get 6000 emails for the troops.

An interesting blog I ran across is My Side of the Puddle Another tell it like it is female!!!!

Well tomorrow is gonna be real fun… we get a new computer email system at work, with new computers et al… problem is some of the folks that were migrated Monday and Tuesday are STILL not up; and I leave Sunday to go run a test out in the Pacific…

Hmmm, if I were a bettin man, I’d say I’m not going to be connected to the office again until I get back off the road trip…

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