I’m a little lemming….

Okay, since everyone ELSE is jumping on this bandwagon…

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.7
Mind: 7.1
Body: 6.1
Spirit: 7.1
Friends/Family: 4.7
Love: 0
Finance: 8.8
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Yep, pretty much good, other than having no life due to my travel….


I’m a little lemming…. — 2 Comments

  1. Now come on, you couldn’t have got less on the love score than the rest of us. . at least you had a really bad blind date this week.


  2. Oh THANK you…. 🙂

    I got dumped back in Dec last year because I was “never around”, and this year is even worse. I have already been gone 98 days this year, with scheduled trips that will have me gone 3 weeks each in Sept, Oct Nov. My chances of finding a nice lady that will put up with that is Slim and none, and Slim left 15 minutes ago… sigh…