An Important Reminder

This from an article by Ralph Peters- Lawdog also had a post alluding to this from Michael Yon’s website…

As Thanksgiving approaches, consider a vignette from Baghdad:

As part of its campaign to eliminate Iraq’s Christian communities, alQaeda in 2004 bombed St. John’s Christian church in Doura, in the city’s southern badlands. By last spring, local services had stopped completely.

Our Army’s 2nd Battalion of the 12th Infantry stepped up. Under Lt. Col.Stephen Michael (a Newark native), our soldiers methodically cleaned upDoura – no easy or painless task – and aided the reconstruction of the church.

Last week, a grateful congregation returned for a service that was, literally, a resurrection. Fifteen local Muslim sheikhs attended theMass to support their Christian neighbors. Could there be a more hopeful symbol?

Those long-suffering Iraqi Christians will celebrate Christmas in theirneighborhood church this year. “Peace on earth” will mean more to themthan mere words in a carol.

As for the grunts of 2-12 Infantry who made it all possible, their mottois “Ducti Amore Patria,” or “Having been led by love of country.”

On Thanksgiving Day, be thankful for such men.

As we sit down where ever we are for Thanksgiving, please take a moment to remember all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines around the world who are spending their Thanksgiving far from home while keeping the USA safe and free!


Hand Salute!

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  1. Morning old Mustang, I had a little rant on my blog a couple of days ago about how the MSM just can’t seem to find these stories of good things happening in Iraq. And one of the things I hit on was that exact same story! Thank Christ for, Mike Yon and Totten. Have been tipping his paypal account now and then so as to be assured of some unbiased reporting.
    Hope you had a good dose of triptipan(sp) indulgence!