What’s missing???

What’s missing in Iowa?

The place is flooded, homes and lives are in ruin and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson et al are nowhere to be seen. Wonder why???

Every photo I have seen shows people working to save their stuff, to my knowledge no one has cried for the government to save their ass, no looting no shooting. What’s missing, why is this so different than New Orleans???

Simple, these people work for a living and don’t live off the government dole…


What’s missing??? — 4 Comments

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one that noticed the disparity. Could it be that only 2.5% of Iowa’s population make up Al and Jesse’s constituency? (Yes, I said it.)

  2. Not to mention that people evacuated as instructed. I’m sure if there were folks in need of a lift out of town, the local gov’t would not have left hundreds of school busses sitting.

    It is inspiring to see the Iowans, et al, working hard to fill sand bags and to try to help each other.