Idiots are everywhere…

I was out working and we were headed back to the beach when we saw an interesting sight out the door…
Now bear in mind, this is a number of miles at sea. The idiot on the jet ski decided he would run in on the submarine as it headed back to port. As he came closer, we just watched and waited to see what would happen.
All of a sudden, the jet ski slowed down and we figure he finally realized that they were watching him… Our guess is he realized that maybe, just maybe, this was NOT a real good idea, and he was out weighed by a ton or two…
As soon as the jet ski slowed down, the sub pulled it’s pipes down and went on it’s way. We dipped down low enough to make sure the idiot had not run out of gas, and we headed back for the beach and let the Coasties know they needed to go write a rather large federal ticket.
Why is it people are SOOOO stoopid on vacation???


Idiots are everywhere… — 8 Comments

  1. He thought the submarine was a new kind of whale? He thought he could spray paint over the scopes and they wouldn’t see him? He wasn’t thinking at all, he is playing a video game and will get to do over if he gets killed. What do they think about with all that un-used brain mass?

    Nice picture.

  2. People are just plain dumb.

    Hey, they make me look like a genius.

    I promise not to do anything stupid on my vacation. 😉

  3. ADM- Don’t know, but I don’t think it will be cheap 🙂

    Earl- You’re probably right, he’d either been sniffing too much paint, or had a few…

    Snigs- Too true!

    RT- Yeah, right… Lemme see, a double negative makes a positive, right???

  4. I’m not getting it, but I don’t jetski. Was this guy followingthe sub or did he want to hitch a lift on the periscope (which sounds like a really good way to damage the scope, though I think Tang towed somebody in WWII)–

    I saw a Trident-class boat going out of New London once, and I was surprised by the length between the sail and the stern fin–and I was in a biggish boat dragging for halibut. I never really comprehended how big the nuke boats are.

  5. William- This was a number of miles out at sea, not right off the beach. We don’t have a clue what he was planning to do, but it could have been VERY expensive if he had screwed up one of the masts.

    Michael- my understanding there is a specific standoff that is supposed to be maintained. That is why there are normally security vessels around any military ship during movement where a civilian vessel can close within XX distance…