Ye Haaa… Talk about an E ticket ride…

This video is from an airport in Brazil known for it’s severe crosswinds…

Boeing and Airbus use it to test side loading and stresses on landing gears. This is a place where the company test pilots REALLY earn their pay!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!!!!

Well, this det is almost over, two more days of herding cats and I can go home and get some sleep! Yea!!!

I just have three words of advice for those who come to Hawaii-

Sunscreen you Idjits!!!

Geez… It’s bad enough when the ‘adults’ get crispy crittered, but when you see the kids sunburned (I’m talking red as a beet), you just want to kick somebody’s ass!



Ye Haaa… Talk about an E ticket ride… — 5 Comments

  1. WOW! The third one, where the idiot photographers are, was scary!

    That was cool!

  2. Hi Jim… all I can say is bringing in that plane sideways took alot of talent on the pilots part! As for the idiot parents of the sunburned kids… maybe a report of neglect, abuse, child endangerment to the authorities might wake them up? Disgusting.

  3. RT- That was maximum rudder deflection 🙂 He was cross controlling that sucker on the edge of a WHOLE bunch of problems.. I’d have been running!

    FF- Apparently it’s nothing unusual… sigh…