What should we do with Afghanistan, Iraq etc…

Question was asked about what we should do with afghanistan, Iraq etc. Well, seems Obama is now changing his tune… He was for it before he was against it (all 143 days of his ‘service’ to the country)

To my tiny ass mind it’s real simple…


Do as the Romans would do. We are in Iraq, why’s and hows are pointless now. What’s done is done. Let the historians and philosophers figure that crap out later.

Take ownership of the fact that we are here. Get off the soap box of pseudo high moral fiber and lets start putting some of this to good use on our home turf. Take out the bad guys when/where we can; redo the ROE so our folks can protect themselves without have to make three phone calls, two emails and a partridge… oh never mind… If there is collateral damage, so be it! The terrorist have hidden in crowds to pot-shot us long enough. Once the public realizes they are in danger, I’ll bet they will start dropping a dime on the terrorist in a hurry.

I want to see tanker ships, lots of em. I want the level of the oceans to raise a foot from all the ships coming to Iraq to load up on black gold so that when our folks come home from this shitty place they’re transported back to the 1980’s when a gallon of gasoline was under a buck…


We have an airbase in Turkey right? Carriers off the coast right? We have big birds high in the sky with wonderful things for looking at people, right?

Lets use them…

You send the message loud and clear that if ANYTHING looks remotely suspicious, it will be bombed off the face of the planet from 30,000 feet. Remind them they are helpless little roaches who scurry through the hills and we will stomp their guts out. Take off the gloves, quit playing nice and playing by the Geneva Accords- Nobody else is using them, why should we???

I don’t care if we get Bin Laden. I’ll trade his pathetic life for 100,000 acres of freshly carpet bombed countryside anyday. Snake and Nape the poppy fields while your at it. I’ll bet that’ll compel someone to give his punk ass up when they are all starving.

The operational expenses pale in comparison to what is being done now. Bring the boys and girls home. Dying for/from a Haji is a horrible death beneath any AMERICAN citizen IMHO.


Iran is typical Arab male bravado. That’s it. It’s. All. Ego.

Anyone who’s been in Iraq/Saudi/the Stans longer than a week has seen how Arab men function. One well placed Tomahawk will shut that little turd up.

You just need a President to back it up. one like. . . Oh, say Ronald Reagan for instance.

Qaddafi made the mistake of thinking he was a bad ass too once. We fixed that for him…

I want my government to start showing me/us some tangible benefits to our occupation of the turd world. Period.

Government is business, pure and simple. If any of us attempted to run a business the way the US government has run for the last six years, we’d of been bankrupt long ago. Both short and long term, what does Iraq have to offer us besides oil that we are too chicken shit as a nation to go after?

Nothing, so lets load up the treasure chest and then leave it to the Israelies to finish off. They’ve certainly earned the privilege.

Europe may bitch and moan, till we sell them oil for pennies on the dollar of what they are paying now. Then they’ll thank us for it.

Oh, and tell the Saudi’s to pound sand and cut the crap or they are next.

If we are truly a superpower, and not a hollowed out shell thanks to the democrats, then lets act like it again!!!


What should we do with Afghanistan, Iraq etc… — 8 Comments

  1. Ah, America is not as super a power as it thinks – start with Washington DC and you understand. Iran is not made up of Arabs, just Persians, there is a bit of difference, but if Alexander the Great could make them look real bad I figure Willie and Joe would cream them. Ever notice how some people’s bravado is only asking for attention, once you give it they think you owe them something. I would go with some of what you wanted done, but I would have divided Iraq, immediately and then started buying oil at our prices, left Afghanistan except to kill off the poppies, annually. I would ignore Iran until it was time to bomb them (only military units) and broadcast the destruction on Arab and American television.

  2. I’m Sitting here yelling, Yes! Yes! Yes! at each of your statements! The world says we are a bunch of “Cowboys”? Well lets act like them. Get up off our collective asses onto our hind legs, and do ALL the things you enumerate!

  3. Snigs/RT- stream of consciousness writing after a long conversation amongst the neighbors 🙂
    Earl- Your idea is probably better!
    Ev- I can only wish we had a few ‘real’ cowboys in charge :-0

  4. We are accused of imperialistic tendencies when we are in fact too touchy feely for our own good. I’m with ya – it’s beyond time to throw a little weight around.

  5. ADM/Jeffro- Sadly I agree with you both… The question is can we survive long enough to do the right thing???