Random musings…

CG’s message to all hands- From General Mattis to the men and women of the 1st MARDIV

Note the date of the letter…
Now this is leadership- Gen Mattis had a copy of this letter delivered to each person in the 1st MarDiv prior to crossing the Line of Departure.

Now a different perspective…

First, who died and made ‘Citizen’ Obama President????

He’s been running around like he is on a coronation tour, not a campaign tour. He’s meeting with all these heads of state, who are either promising belly rubs or to kiss his ass, because they see a kindred spirit who will willingly go along with selling out the USA. They see him as willing to have the USA become one more member state of the EU, kowtow to the UN, go along with anything they want to do…

I believe they are talking themselves into believing Obama’s press releases, like he has already won the Presidency and is running for President of the world, not the US! He’s talking about raising taxes, banning guns, etc… All of which fit in nicely with the EU logic and ‘world citizen’ view they would like to see. It would also mean the downfall of the US and a loss of many rights we hold dear.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in Obama, I think he is probably the worst thing that could happen to the USA right now…

Another point, did anyone catch the visit to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? Did you notice the campaign ads? They were very conveniently printed in Hebrew! How much gall does this man have, to post friggin campaign posters at one of the holiest sites in the world?

It is documented that he did NOT visit the troops at Landstul Medical Center, because he couldn’t bring his entourage, didn’t have ‘time’, and didn’t feel that was appropriate as a ‘citizen’. Asshole!!! You owe your ability to travel and be who you are BECAUSE of those military people who are lying in that Medical Center!!!!
Now this week he’s down in all the polls, and what does he do? Plays the race card…


I think it’s to deflect people away from the latest set of flip-flops on the surge, drilling offshore, and the negative reactions. He was booed a couple of days ago by blacks for “not doing enough”.

Then yesterday he comes out with the idea of another ‘incentive’ payment of $1000 to everyone who filed a tax return- How is he going to pay for it? He’s going to TAKE excess profits from the oil companies… Last time I looked, that isn’t legal, but then the democrats ONLY want to use the constitution and selected amendments when it suits them anyway…

Now today, he refuses to meet McCain in any Lincoln-Douglas styled debates (read un-moderated).

My personal comment here- Do you want a celebrity or a real hero who has spent most of his life in service to this country? 143 days of service vs. 30 years of service

Your choice, your life, liberty and your pursuit of your happiness is in your hands now…

I’m a bitter, church going gun owner- and I WILL Vote!


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  1. His middle name should be “debacle,” because that is what he’ll be known as if he gets elected.

    How about instead of giving money back to us, they cut our taxes? That’s a novel idea. I’m not talking about token tax breaks, either.

  2. RT- now that is just too much common sense… no way that will work 🙂

    Fuzzy- You may be right, although I was thinking George McGovern… same mentality, same support base.

  3. You know, I can’t for the life of me imagine that there are that many STUPID people out there who will cause this empty suit,Wright loving,(and all of HIS ideals), ass kissing, pandering, low life Chicago pol, terrorist loving SOB (literally), to be elected president!!! I know there are lots of smart democrats out there hiding in the weeds, but they need to come out of hiding and try to guide their “children of lesser intellect” out the dark forest of bullshit where he, BHO has lead them, and into the bright light of reality!! Even if he does get elected there are thousands upon thousands of LHO’s and Sirhan Sirhan’s waiting in those self same weeds! Do I love this guy or what? Err, NOT!

  4. You know, NFO, I keep wanting to write YOU in the ballot….and I’m a bitter, church-going gun owner as well.

  5. Hi Jim, just making the rounds… love the spin on Obama… I’m certainly going to Vote to be sure he doesn’t get in. McCain is better prepared to handle the job. Tough job he’s got ahead… the world is full of conflicts… God help us all.