A little humor…

Everybody else is beating the hell outta the congresscritters and Wall St., so I’m going in a different direction…

Don’t know if this is real or faked, but it IS funny as hell! Tattoo it on your forehead- Don’t piss off little old ladies 🙂


A little humor… — 8 Comments

  1. HA! I had to watch it twice. Didn’t realize the airbag deployed. Even if it isn’t real, that old lady is a hoot!

  2. This was righteous!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope the blond bimbo in the 550 convertible that cut me off in traffic on Thursday sees it.

  3. Anon- those bimbos can’t even turn on a computer, much less be bothered to actually use one… remember the white out on the screen??? 🙂