Job application or Inquistion???

Well, the new job app is up for anyone who wants to go work in the White House, just answer these few non-intrusive questions and we’ll get you right in… NOT…

Funny how every one gave them a free pass, but now that they are poised on the brink, they get really intrusive on you!

Go HERE for a copy…

My personal favorites are 16-20 (especially the last sentence), 32-ALL gifts over $50.00 from anyone not immediate family/friend, ALL of Sections 6, 7, and 8 and especially number 59 below!

59. Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun? If so, provide complete ownership and registration information. Has the registration ever lapsed? Please also describe how and by who it is used and whether it has been the cause of any personal injuries or property damage.

Hell, I’d be disqualified on this one alone, much less the other crap, since about half of ’em I’d be answering none of your damn business…

Lemme see on 59 though…

Yep, we all own guns. None of them has ever been registered (we don’t live in Illinois), ownership has come down through the family in many cases, so few records. No, it hasn’t lapsed, since they’ve never been registered. Hmmm, since we all own multiple guns, that would be kinda hard to describe… for example;

1878 SAA Cavalry model in .45 cal., most probably used to shoot a few people over the years, after all the original owner was the Sheriff of XXXXX County Texas.

M-1 Garand– Original owner US Army- probably used to shoot quite a few people in WWII and Korea, and no doubt did plenty of property damage.

Winchester ’94 .30-30- Original owner me, paperwork long ago lost (hell I got it when I was twelve, I have NO idea where the paperwork went). Killed quite a few deer, a few feral dogs and cats and a few coyotes over the years. Chewed up a few fence posts shooting cans too…

Nah, hell I can’t get by that one either… Better keep my day job (as long as they don’t gut the military, I might even still have it in a year).

Guess I won’t be applying 🙂

h/t Snowflake


Job application or Inquistion??? — 7 Comments

  1. I wonder what the history would be of the husband’s Russian sniper rifle?

    I think I’d pass on this great job “opportunity” myself.

  2. Snigs- Good question! We’ve all wondered what they would say if they could talk. Agreed on the pass 🙂

    BBW- Roger all!

    Murph- Heh- Yeah and get LESS scrutiny!

  3. When I heard there was a list of questions I was wondering if the President Elect had answered those questions, but then I realized it was a fool question. Thanks for finding the GUN questions, none of anyone’s business, I still don’t forgive the Secret Service from disabling Service Personel’s weapons when the President shows up.

  4. I’ve got a LOT of old guns including a musket from around the 1776 era that probably killed a few people that really needed it and who caused the 2nd amendment to be penned. They want it? What was it Mr. Heston said about hands? Come and take it! Just bought the LAST Wilson UT-15 in this state yesterday. Couldn’t believe there was one still around! Also GOOD news, the price of lead is still coming down. Keep ’em cleaned and loaded folks, looks like the obama crew is going to come live in all our houses for the next 4 years! Sigh!

  5. Good point Earl! I had forgotten the Marines are the only ones allowed to be armed around the Pres. That used to piss the Old Guard off (And probably still does).

    Ev- Welcome to the AR world 🙂 You’ll enjoy that Wilson! If you need ammo, let me know.