Twas the day AFTER Christmas…

Burp… The presents have been played with, the boxes lost, at least one set of batteries burned through, the turkey and mounds of food eaten, and now the reality sets in… Oh $%^&, now I’ve got to PAY for all this…
But the up side is getting to spend time with the kids and Grandson, and the joy on his face at getting a computer!

Note: I never thought I’d be buying a computer (used; dumb yes, stoopid no) for a 10 year old, but he wants/needs it for school…sigh… 10 year olds that are computer literate are SCARY!!! His first question was whether it had Internet 🙂

And then we bought the dog a bone…

Of course the bone happened to be as big as the dog, so he barked and nipped at it, and still doesn’t know what to do with it…

I’m firmly convinced the best investment is in battery companies, everything I saw needed batteries, except maybe underwear, and I’m not sure about that; there was this ad… 🙂

I hope each and every one that could got to spend time with family during this holiday season, since THAT is really what the season is about…

I wish each and everyone Best Wishes for 2009!


Twas the day AFTER Christmas… — 14 Comments

  1. hehehe had to laugh at that bone – poor pup! … My girls both got educational computer games this year and my eldest (7y.o.) installed them without help !!! So i’m guessing that a computer will be on our shopping list for next year for her. Glad you had a good day with family.

  2. Merry Christmas my friend! I hope you and yours are having a good holiday.

    The dog and the bone are hillarious!

  3. I thought that was Photoshop’d for the dog and bone picture. It is always best to be with those you love on the holidays – build those memories.

    regain wv

  4. Whether we like it or not, if a kid is ten years old nowadays and can’t use a computer, he is functionally illiterate.

    The high school where I work is a digital academy, meaning all the students there are issued computers. Mac laptops. All classes are digital, all parents cal log on and look at grades, all teachers confab electronically. It’s the wave of the future.

    Merry Christmas, old Son.

  5. I have a friend who once had underwear that played “Jingle Bells” ha ha ha… hence the need for batteries! Hey, my mom has Christmas socks that light up when she walks…
    Love the puppy and bone pic… you should post it at http://www.Cute!

  6. Julie- Sad but true…Bring $$ and yes it was a good day!

    Carteach- We did, thanks!

    Earl- It wasn’t, poor dog was STILL sniffing around that bone this morning and growling at it 🙂 And yes, the memories are special!

    Paw- I know it… sigh… They are in CA, so the school system is broke, but they expect the kids to have access, so he’s been using his mothers computer. He set up his own wireless though!

    Phleggmy- Thanks and same to ya!

    FF- I’m not EVEN going there…. 🙂

  7. My school is trying to eliminate the need for copies and such by going entirely (gradually) digital. They are even trying to figure out a way for teachers to grade papers without having the actual papers. The downside to the computer stuff is that they expect us to do our grades and enter them from home…way off the clock…get my drift???? Other than that, I wouldn’t mind not carrying a 25 lb. bag (most days).

    Loved the bone for the dog! Glad you all had a wonderful holiday. 🙂 Hopefully, you can get some rest and not travel for at least two days. Heh.

  8. RT- That IS another way to get ‘free’ work out of the teachers if y’all are not careful. The other problem is the im’ing, texting, etc. that goes on during any kind of online work… And of course most schools are NOT set up for 4-500 computers to be online simultaneously!

  9. Hi There,

    Thanks for stopping by my page…….. It is a pleasure to read your blogs and your musings… A new TREAT for me….

    I wish you and your’s a wonderful New Year filled with peace, love and joy.

  10. Morley is still so afraid of that bone. She thinks it is going to eat her!!!!