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After picking up the Model 1917, I didn’t have any gun leather for it, so my Christmas present to myself was a belt and holster for it… I contacted Johnny at Grassburr and he did a custom holster for the hogleg along with a belt to support it. Since the 1917 uses moon clips, I didn’t get any ammo slots on the belt, but I’m VERY happy with the quality and the price of the work! It’s a beautiful dark tan antique look and a perfect fit! Thanks Johnny!

The other thing was a meme I saw on somebodies site (CRS kicking in, so I can’t remember whose)… It was what’s in your pocket…
(edit: Thanks to Earl for the reminder, it was Bear on a Bicycle, but I STILL can’t find the post…)

What was the old Mae West line, is that a pistol, or are you just glad to see me? Well, in my case… sigh….

Wallet, comb (don’t know why I bother), keys and a Streamlight Nano, a few bucks, Zippo, Benchmade 154, S&W 637 in a Nemesis holster, Bianchi speed strip with 5 Gold Dots, and that’s it…
Other than my watch and electronic leash (Blackberry), which weren’t in my pocket… 🙂
Play along if you want to…


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  1. You need bigger pockets! But I think it was Bear on a bicycle blog, about what was carried. Too much stuff, way too much stuff.

  2. Truck keys, Twinkies flavored chapstick (an Xmas gift from Santa)! Now if the question was what do you have in your purse?….. but you guys really don’t want to know the answer to that one (trust me)!

  3. Phlegmmy- I’m VERY happy with it 🙂 And yes, the stag grips got a LOT of comments at the range!

    RT- At least your pants don’t sag 🙂

    Earl- It actually all fits… It sounds right for Bear, I’ll go look. As for too much stuff, yeah probably, sigh…

    FF- I don’t know if a blog could contain ALL the stuff y’all carry 🙂

  4. Let’s see…

    Uncle Mike’s pocket holster containing one S&W model 38

    Cell phone, car keys, & Bianchi speed strip


    Gerber Paraframe

    Sometimes replace the Model 38 with a P3AT if the pants are tight or the pockets too short…

  5. That’s a fine looking holster. May you wear it well and long.

    Actually, that’s a fine looking 1917 also. Good shooting.

    Word verification: reefer? Is there something you’re not telling us?