Willie’s playing my song…

Well, I’m on the road again… sigh…

The bright spot is that I’m not in DC! It was 11 degrees when I left for the airport yesterday morning, today the high was 22…

On the way over, I had a chance to talk to a senior airline captain and of course we discussed US Air’s forced landing. It was NOT a crash, as he maintained control and was able to land in the river safely. The captain had a good bit of experience flying out of LGA and said a combination of taking off on Runway 4, with a LGA Departure two basically put them in the perfect position to do what they did.

Since I’m in Hawaii for a couple of days, as usual, I was wide awake at 0200 and finally gave up at 0400 and got up. I did a few hours of work and decided to have some fun.

Of course with golf in Hawaii, for better or worse, you get WIND!!! Look at the palm trees in the background of the hole- Roughly 20 mph wind, not fun on a golf course, trust me!

We played a little course called Ko Olina, on the West side of Oahu, this is the 4th hole.

I aimed at the sand trap on the right side of the green, ended up in the trap on the LEFT side of the green… took a four only because I made about a 15 foot putt. sigh…

Well, time to stop playing and do a little more work… Blogging will be spotty for the next couple of weeks.

Be safe out there!


Willie’s playing my song… — 6 Comments

  1. KC got up to 60 today and sunny. The same for tomorrow so I’m told. You can tell the days are getting longer, it’s still light at 5:30PM.

    Spring is coming!

  2. RT- I don’t do hula… Me and grass skirts don’t get along… drafty, and itch like hell 🙂

    Crucis- 80 and sunny… ALL week 🙂

    Wyatt- This is work 🙂

  3. JR- Just bring $$… Dinner in a “good” restaurant in Hawaii will run $75-$100 PER PERSON!

    Most of the time we eat in the food court at the Exchange!