Yee Haaa!!!

Well, everybody else is posting about the inauguration, so I’m not going there…

Bet this was an interesting ride. Sent by a friend up in Nova Scotia, it was taken in 2008. And the lunch special was… Chili Cheese Dogs 🙂

Caribou is NOT a little boat…

A roll-on, roll-off design with a bow visor, the MV Caribou has 2 vehicle decks and 5 decks above, the main passenger deck being Deck 5. She measures 179 metres in overall length and 25 metres in breadth, weighing 27,212 tons. Her capacity includes 1,200 passengers and 370 automobiles or 77 tractor trailers. She has up to 106 crewmembers.

I can just see the insurance claims…

Now lemme get this straight, your car was PARKED and it was run over by a PARKED semi? What were you drinking, and can I have some???


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  1. Chili-cheese dogs? Ohhh, the smell! Heh!

    BTW, didn’t a similar vessel near Sweden lose it’s bow doors and sink in minutes a few years ago?

    When I was 13 or so, Dad and I went fishing in the Atlantic off Miami in a 60′ day fishing boat. At the transition into the Gulf Stream, the seas were higher than the boat was long—long period waves.

    I thought it was great, going up the waves, props exposed on top and then the rush down the ‘tother side.

    I have more sense now.

  2. Thanks for not doing that topic.

    That is some amazing waves.
    That is a great ride. If you don’t have to hold on it is not fun ride.

  3. Crucis- Yep, North Wall of the Gulf Stream is “interesting”….

    ADM- You see it the same way I do 🙂

  4. chili cheese dogs………… yum, but not good for the waste line!!! LOL…..

    Remembering, when i signed up for the Navy, I was one signature away from going……… The recruiter called and my mother intercepted the call, she has the same name as me…………So she spoke to them, and figured i was joining……. Well Queen Mother Duck, put a indefinite hold on me going to the Navy………….. One thing i truly regret……… I wish i would have done it…..

    Thanks for posting this….


  5. Uh…not a ride I’d like to take. I imagine walking a straight line after that was quite impossible.

  6. Back in the late ’60s when I finished college, I tried to get into Navy OCS. That was in March of 1969. There was a six months waiting list. I’d already received my draft notice so it was either Army or Air Force. I had AFROTC in college and remembered the old adage, “‘Tis better to fly over it than to walk through it.” Also the Air Force had a delayed entry program that worked for me.

    In addition, I have this thing about being on bodies of water with things bigger than me swimming in it. 🙂

  7. CPD- It was a “life changing” experience… 🙂

    RT- You only walk like a drunken sailor for a couple of hours 🙂

    CS/Crucis- That’s why I joined the Navy, I didn’t want to walk to work! I did one det on Coral Maru and decided aviation was the way to go :-0 I was in the same boat, but the Navy backdated my paperwork three days so I got out of the draft

  8. That’s one thing I’ve never needed. Never been sea-sick, never been air-sick and I’ve been through some rough air. Got flipped upside down once in a light plane that was too near an anvil-top that was collapsing. Recovered at 500′ AGL. Didn’t have to shovel my pants but came close.