Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America:

THIS is now the guy that is Chief of Staff for the President. After you listen to this tell me the 2nd Amendment is not going to be under fire in the near future.


Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America: — 8 Comments

  1. That is a good question Snigs… Since the No Fly does not require any actual evidence it appears… Otherwise how could six year olds and infants get on there? And why can’t they get off?

  2. Crucis- yes it does… It did happen a couple of years ago! Friends inside DHS told me about it.

    Fuzzy- Agreed!

  3. Rahm Emanuel is nothing but a lying, low down, *&%$^&**…….. I can’t put the rest of what i know about him out there……but lets just say he should be in jail……..This man is DANGEROUS………. He was a piece of shit in Chicago, and I KNOW will embarrass and screw up in Washington………. If all the tapes get disclosed about BLAGO, Rahm is going DOWN………. Let’s raise our glasses to him going down and bringing down the Great Wizard of Obama.

  4. CS/CPD- Yep, agree with you both! Sad part is, his “people” in Chicago will cover for him.