Taking Chance…

HBO will be showing Taking Chance this weekend. If you can either watch it or TiVo it do so. This is a very special story written by LT Col Michael Stroble, the officer who volunteered to escort the body of PFC Chance Phelps home in 2004 after Pvt. Phelps was killed in Iraq.

This was originally posted in 2004 on Blackfive’s blog (here) and I do not know a single person who read it that was not in tears… Now, five years later, HBO will show it Saturday night in prime time. Talking to folks in the business, it’s about 95% correct.

I will tell you, having been a CACO twice while on active duty, this is if not the hardest, one of the hardest duties there is in the military. After you watch it and dry your tears, say a prayer for those still fighting for our freedom around the world and those who take on the duty of bringing those who die in the line of duty home.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please go watch!



Taking Chance… — 7 Comments

  1. To bad they picked Kevin Bacon, major anti war protester, for the lead.

    I pray they don’t screw this story up. I have no faith in HBO


  2. Alan- You’re welcome.

    Crucis- Get somebody to tape it for you.

    Gerry- I have been told by “someone” in the know it is 95% CORRECT, 5% Hollywood.

    Wyatt- Agreed. I’m just glad it is getting to the screen.