HopeyChangey my ass…

AARRGGGHHHH!!! Orszag went on Face the Nation and at least one other talk show and spewed this garbage this morning…

When it comes to dealing with all those pet projects in the big spending bill before Congress, President Barack Obama’s budget chief says wait until next year.

White House budget director Peter Orszag says the Obama administration isn’t happy with the billions of dollars aimed at lawmakers’ pet projects — also known as earmarks. Obama had campaigned on changing the way such money is appropriated by Congress.

Yet Orszag says Obama doesn’t want to revisit the spending bill Congress put together before he was elected and wants to move on. Next year, according to Orszag, when Obama is fully involved in the next budget from the start, earmarks will be handled differently.

Is anybody else getting as frustrated with this as I am??? The Lightbringer wants to let all these earmarks through, blame it on Bush, and then, since THEY ARE ALREADY IN EFFECT, continue to fund them in the out years…

On the arms front- A little truth in advertising about the Mexican arms issues- If anybody really got a good look at the pictures of those so called American weapons exported to Mexico, the weapons are full up M-16’s, full auto AKs, pineapple grenades (which the US hasn’t issued since the 60’s, RPG’s and at least one 60mm mortar! Last time I looked, ALL of those are illegal in the US unless you have a Class III license…

The reality is most of the weapons the drug gangs are getting/using are coming from Mexican Army deserters, the cartels in Columbia, and Nicaragua. Of course, the Lightbringer’s folks and Holder AREN’T telling the public that…


HopeyChangey my ass… — 10 Comments

  1. I’m sensing some anger, NFO.

    Eh…this sucks, no two ways about it. (I’m noticing fewer Obama bumper stickers, lately.)

  2. None of it is about the truth, and never was.

    It’s about perceptions and people who refuse to pay attention to reality.

    I can’t imagine what a year from now will look like.

  3. presto chango………… He is the wizard and can do anything….

    As to the gun thing…… The libtard media who is controlled by the wizard will give us a half truth at best.

    ok this word verification is funny………


    Someone has a sense of humor

  4. I keep hearing that “Just wait” stuff and it kills me. There won’t be anything left after the “Just wait”.

  5. RT- Yep… I’m angry at what they are doing to the USA, and how much of a financial burden is being put on my children and grandchildren…

    Carteach0- Agreed, dammit…

    CPD- Yep and yep. I’m just hoping the 4 million that have bought guns since November are enough to make them stop and think!

    ADM- Yeah, I know

    Fuzzy- I LIKE it! 🙂

  6. Geez! You’re sounding like me!

    Or is it I’m sounding like you?

    Now, I’m not only pissed but confused as well.


  7. I am getting where CarTeach0 is, both side of isle is either,lying,cheating,acting like babies, or just plain screwing us.

    And the best part is, they cannot figure out why there are millions of people throwing Tea Party protest.

    Clueless aren’t they.

  8. Elm- sadly you are correct…

    Crucis- I thought I was… Hell I don’t know what I was thinking… 🙂

    CS-Agreed! Did anybody else see the Rangel clip where he tells the guy to mind his own business when asked about his not paying taxes???