Neat piece of history…

A friend of mine haunts yard sales, estate sales and auto shows to find old automotive memorabilia. Every once in a while, he gets a real find…

In this case, a post card from a Ford dealer to a customer in 1929! You may wonder why I’m posting it, well a couple of reasons, for one it’s a neat piece of history, for another, the prices!!! Oh yeah, and it cost a whole one cent to send 🙂

And here is the back of the card- Note the cars being discussed! I checked and they are no longer in business, but if they were, I’d find a Model T, take it in and ask for THOSE prices… 🙂


Neat piece of history… — 5 Comments

  1. Amazing ain’t it,hard to believe our Nation has “Progressed?????,so far. That is a wonderful piece of memorabilia.

  2. Diller- Yep we’ve come a LONG way…

    Fuzzy- Agreed, I wish it was mine!

    ADM- That too 🙂

    KY- So do I, it’s interesting to see what occasionally pops up in various places!