Now Hear This…

Liberty Call – Liberty Call. Liberty Commences at 16:00 for Sections 2 & 3- One of the best sounds to hear over the 1MC 🙂

Here are a couple of our Grey Ships coming back in after a week at sea! One “smallboy” a DDG and one Oiler coming back to 32nd Street in San Diego!

Also, here are a couple of lazy ducks… after all this IS Kalifornia! Note- They are sitting on the rope across the pool at the hotel, floating a little and just lazing about!

For those that have not seen it, go over to Conservative Scalawag and view the Lightbringer’s address to the Iranians… After you watch it, come back and tell me what is missing from the background. I ‘think’ you will be as pissed as I am!!!

And there is a new entry in the blog sphere courtesy of Lawdog and Farm Girl that is worth a look and a read… TOTUS!

Go Enjoy! Y’all have a good weekend ya hear! 🙂 I’m going to curl up in the hotel with a book and a beer…


Now Hear This… — 11 Comments

  1. Your title really made me laugh remembering a stunt I pulled on my Dad MANY years ago. Dad was taking a nap on the couch one afternoon, and I rolled up a big sheet of cardboard into a cone, stood about 3 feet from him, and in my deepest 8 year old voice, I boomed out “NOW HEAR THIS!”.
    I never saw my Dad move so fast!
    I also couldn’t sit down for about two days!
    Years later we both had a good laugh about it, but I SWEAR I’ll NEVER do that to a Navy guy again!
    God, I miss my Dad…..

  2. I lasted 35 seconds on that video. Made me sick. He’s such an a-hole. (sorry)

    I love watching ships. They are beautiful.

    (Those must be welfare ducks. No motivation to work.)

  3. So would I be completely out of line to say that the daucks are a great easy target for a tasty dinner?

  4. Thanks for the link, the fact the US flag is missing doesn’t shock me,even though I am ticked off.

    obamabi doesn’t want to appear to be too nationlistic and up set the islam o nuts.

    When is he going to learn,you can only deal with people (governments too) in to ways; reason and force.

    We’ve tried reason since 1977,it has failed,this only leaves force,which is too much of a coward to do.

  5. drjim- yeah, that would be my reaction too… 🙂

    Julie- I’ve become strangely addicted to VB 🙂

    RT- Didya notice no American Flag???

    Kvegas- No… But I think I’d need to find a Chinese restaurant 🙂

    ADM/CS- Agreed!

  6. The flag was in the longer shot, but definitely not in the close-up. He’s such a dork.