Yep, they’re ALL nuts…

Since I was actually “home” this weekend, I took Ambulance Driver up on his invite to drive up to Baltimore and meet he and a few more folks at the EMS get together up there. Of course when I get there, I get introduced as the old fossil to another old fossil… sigh… Lou runs the EMS Museum and publishes books for EMS training and others, in addition to being one of the original medics at Baltimore Shock Trauma. We get to talking and find out we know people in common from 30 years ago! I finally got to meet Eipjunky, TOTWTYTR, and Medic 3 who were also there. Mad Dog had set up a meet at the Nest (across the street from the Conference Center) so we decamped to there and the beer and stories began…

And yes, medic humor is almost as bad as military humor, with more specifics… which I will NOT go into since my kids occasionally read this blog… Others showed up including Sam from On the Clock, and some whom I didn’t get a handle/blog/name for, but all were in the EMT/Paramedic field.

And like most blog meets, there were three, four, maybe five simultaneous conversations going on, running the gamut from lines from poems, to movies, to guns, to shooting, to getting shot, to places, to bar fights, to the proverbial runs from hell, to beer, food, and damn near everything in between! In other words a GOOD time!

Once again I am amazed at the quality of folks who are the other thin blue line that keep our asses alive and get us to the hospital in emergencies! While they may grouse, bitch and moan, and work for peanuts; they are also putting their respective asses on the line for us every day, on every call 24/7/365. For that I thank you!!!

Now some of y’alls OTHER interests… well… 🙂 Pink dresses???


Yep, they’re ALL nuts… — 11 Comments

  1. Heh. Appreciate the attempted link, but I mostly just comment. No real public blog. The link you have is to the blogger formerly known as “Cheating Death”. [Relatively] renamed “Medic Three”.


  2. It was really great to meet you too! Had an absolute blast, and I would really love to make it out to more of these things; hanging out with you all was way more fun than sitting in my apartment doing this stuff called…ummm…homework?

    Yeah, that’s it!

  3. A blast as usual, partner.

    Can’t wait for a little trigger time and adult beverages (although not necessarily at the same time)in November!

  4. Medic- Yeah, that’s true… BUT if you don’t do the homework… well you know the answer 🙂

    AD- Yep, November will be fun!

  5. Drjim- Yep, and it’s amazing to meet the folks in person and find out they are as nice as you expected 🙂

  6. It was an honor meeting you! What a fantastic time 🙂

    One day someone’s going to have to teach me to fire a gun with both eyes open. I’ve yet to get to that point.

  7. Tony- Why not- We’ll have to get you to the range. I admire you for what you are doing to support the blind!

    ADM- It was

    Epi- Same here, and yes we can teach you, even if we have to use toothpicks… 🙂