Return to Makin Island…

This happened in 1999, and is the story of the Marines going back to Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands to recover the 19 Marines from the Second Marine Raider Battalion that were killed and buried on the island after the failed raid in 1942. This was one of the first raids against the Japanese conducted by the Marines. I have never seen ANY coverage of this anywhere. All 19 bodies were returned and buried at Arlington.


Return to Makin Island… — 13 Comments

  1. Had a typo as well…

    That is the most inspiring tradition of the Marines. And, one few politicians and many civilians understand.

    Leave no one behind.

  2. Gung Ho!

    The Raider idea was never excepted by the brass but it was very interesting period in the Corps.

    Edson and Carlson led the way.


  3. Guys, don’t worry about typos, if I did, I’d never post! And yes the Jarheads are something else!

    Gerry- You are right, but they did what they could while they could. Lot of folks don’t realize Roosevelt’s son was Carlson’s XO!

  4. I’m glad they got them. Wonder why it took 57 years? The guys were brought back from Iwo Jima much quicker than that. Seems like the families would have been better served sooner.

  5. Robert- I have been able to find out there was an ongoing effort by Army Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii (CILHI) to find the bodies for a number of years, including a number of digs, but there were NO records of where they Marines were actually buried. It wasn’t until the one old man who was part of the burial detail came forward the CILHI was actually able to find the graves.

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