Kalifornia is going down…

Well, the State with one of the highest tax rates in the Nation is sinking under it’s bad debt, myriad of costly social programs, environmental regulations and costs, and outrageous salaries and benefits packages for state workers (union of course)… AND the best case if the pass ALL the bills on the special election ballot tomorrow is they will still be in the hole something in excess of $10B THIS YEAR!!! And they are already at junk bond status for their loans, because they loan money to themselves…

From a friend in LA- “Well, the usual scare tactics ads are running; they’re gonna release 40,000 criminals cause they can’t afford to house them, cut 5000 teachers JUST in LA cause they can’t pay em, shut down fire houses and police stations cause they can’t pay em; but not one time did I hear they were going to cancel any social programs or lay off any state workers…”

“Having said that, I still think the folks out here will vote ALL the measures down tomorrow, then things will get interesting. Hey, you know anybody that wants to buy a stadium? Slightly used?”

No… Not really… Now if it was somewhere nice, I might think about it…

Ya know, it strikes me as funny that Texas, which has NO state income tax, actually has a small surplus and refused any bailout money!

One wonders if the Lightbringer will take over the state of Kalifornia and fire the politicians and sell the state to the union like he tried to do with Chrysler???


In other news, it appears the NRA meeting in Phoenix was a great success, with record turnout!

Well, Stretch Pelosi is getting hung out to dry, now that Pinhead Panetta has fired back that yes she WAS briefed (any bets that statement was approved by the White House?), and oh yeah, she hauled ass to somewhere this weekend aboard her “personal” G-5 courtesy of the USAF (gee, didn’t the congresscritters bitch at the car companies for this, or is this do as I say, NOT as I do), and has been totally incommunicado, not only on her little faux pas, but also on the state of her state…

For all you shooters, Federal is going up 20% June 1 due to increased costs of components for ammunition… dammit… And orders continue to push to the right for fill dates.

Please remember Memorial Day…


Kalifornia is going down… — 10 Comments

  1. run that by me again

    “Texas, which has NO state income tax”do you guys have really high sales taxes or similar???

    (btw things in Kalifornia sound BAD).

  2. Everybody I know is voting NO on all the measures on Tuesday.
    Hey, *I* have to live withing my means, why can’t the frickin state?

  3. Didn’t someone once say “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

    What’s happening in CA would be a lot funnier if I knew I wouldn’t have to eventually pay for their stupidity.

  4. The bills for feeling groovy are coming due. One company moved their headquarters to Dallas from Santa Ana this year for an annual savings of $800,000. About 62 jobs went with the move.

  5. Jim, just ordered 300rds of .223 at a decent price. I’ve never bought any Federal because their pricing was always higher than everyone else.

    Have a nice weekend. Wife and I are going up to Leavenworth to lay flowers at the Nat’l Cemetery with a local group.

    BTW, Michelle Malkin had a nice write-up on the Taxinator.

    Julie: TX has some oil income to offset SOME taxes, but they’ve always had a very conservative spending habits. There are several states, Alaska most famously, that don’t have a state income tax. All seem to have no problem keeping their state budgets in the black.

  6. Texas has sales and property taxes. We do work hard to keep .gov spending low, but it is getting harder and harder the more centrist our rep’s become.

    One quick correction there NFO. We refused only the stimulus money that came with strings attached. The rest is in the general fund.

  7. Julie- Not in Texas, it’s the same or actually lower than Kalifornia, but they do get som e$$ from Oil production…

    Rick- Sorry bout that, I’ve got two daughters in Sacramento, I’m “trying” to get them out!

    Drjim- Agreed!

    ADM- mee too…

    Lorimor- Yeah, we’ll ALL probably end up paying for it…dammit…

    WSF- Yep, this is the third year in a row CA has lost population and businesses 🙂

    Crucis- Nice! Appreciate your going to Levenworth. I’ll be at Ft. Jackson in SC.